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Can I Lose Fat Without Starving Or Dieting

Diet is a four letter word! And the truth is that diets do not work. There are lots of reasons for that but the main one is related to the fact that assuming an individual adheres to a diet his or her metabolism will adjust to that new level of caloric intake, so the individual will only lose weight for a short period of time. That is why people tend to plateau out as it is called.

So all in all in most cases the weeks that individual suffered and starved were wasted because eventually the body figures out that it needs to spread out the limited number of calories over a longer period of time. What this means is that the person will then need to consume even fewer calories to lose weight. What a vicious cycle!

The way the metabolic system works is part of the way the body is designed to survive. It will consume the nutritional calories it has available at a pace consistent with the normal intervals that the body usually receives nutrition.

This is why starving oneself or dieting is not necessary in order to lose fat or weight. What is important is eating the right foods at the right intervals. Skipping meals is the wrong thing to do. Eating few small meals that consist of the right foods, foods high in nutritional value is what one should do when working at losing or maintaining weight or fat loss.

Although exercise is certainly beneficial, it is not a necessary component of fat loss. By working with and in some cases even learning to manipulate metabolism an individual can effectively lose fat and maintain the weight that he or she is happy with.

This information does not have to be put in difficult terms because it is not that complicated. What is important is the right foods at the right intervals.

Article written by Deb Allen

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