Home / Body Transformations / F/23/5’5 [182-141=41lbs] 8 months progress. 11lbs till I reach my goal!

F/23/5’5 [182-141=41lbs] 8 months progress. 11lbs till I reach my goal!

F/23/5’5 [182-141=41lbs] 8 months progress. 11lbs till I reach my goal!

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M/24/5’8″ [258 > 223 = 35 lbs] Still a long way to go, but proud of my progress so far. I’ve gotten to the low 220s before, posting for motivation to keep pushing through!

M/24/5’8″ [258 > 223 = 35 lbs] Still a long way to go, but proud …


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  2. Holy smokes you’re looking great! Keep up the hard work and best of wishes making your goal!

  3. Love the hard word. Inspiration at its finest. Keep it up.

  4. Same dress same great smile with a outstanding transformation. Kudos!

  5. Dude that dress is bomb 😍. You have such a lovely figure and your hard work compliments it beautifully. Congrats on your success!

  6. For a second I thought the pink purse was an oddly placed cut out on the dress.

  7. Hard work pays off. Looking amazing

  8. You look so cute!! I love your hair, too! Your eyes look so much brighter and bigger! Sending good vibes your way, you’ve come so far!

  9. This is so inspiring❤️ I’m currently trying to get down to 140 (F/21/5’8/172lbs) how’d you do it?

  10. You look fantastic. Nice job!

  11. Kill’in it over here!! Keep it up

  12. Great job! Posts like this are always inspirational, you look good!

  13. :O you’re breathtaking! Your hair is magical

  14. Woooooow we are stat twins. Ugh I can do this!!! Seeing your progress makes me motivated!!

  15. Wow you look amazing! Great work. PS your hair is gorgeous!!

  16. Truly inspiring! You look amazing, congratulations. I am in love with that dress. Where did you get it?

  17. Stunning, what an amazing change

  18. I neeeeeeed that dress! Where did you get it?

  19. You look great! And we are the same height and body type so this is super motivating for me.

  20. Congrats on your progress. Pretty cool that you wore the same dress. You’ve got nice eye brows.

  21. Ahh!! How did you do it? You look fabulous!

  22. Wow! This is why I always try my clothes on before getting rid of them after losing weight.

  23. Great job! You look lovely!✌️

  24. You’re so pretty omg 😮. Can I buy you stuff

  25. Looking good regardless! Keep up the good work!

  26. Congrats! You look amazing! What did you do to lose the weight?

  27. Beautiful in both pictures but glad that you are comfortable and happy with your progress! It’s never easy but nothing that is good for you is! Keep it up!

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