Home / Body Transformations / F/26/5’4’’ [158 > 123 = 35 lbs] Face gains over 2.5 years

F/26/5’4’’ [158 > 123 = 35 lbs] Face gains over 2.5 years

F/26/5’4’’ [158 > 123 = 35 lbs] Face gains over 2.5 years

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  2. I found some old photos yesterday of me at my biggest and it was really hard to see. Like most people, I never realized how bad it was until looking back.

    The biggest weight loss factor for me was ending a relationship I wasn’t happy in. I would drink heavily daily because I was unhappy with my life. I dropped 25 pounds in about 6 months.

    After plateauing for awhile I was able to drop 10 more by starting to work out a few times a week (mostly strength training). Goal weight is 120.

    Edit: also CICO! I use the LoseIt app now to log everything I eat/drink and it made a huge difference.

  3. Gorgeous in both. Congrats 👏

  4. The golden hour makes that right photo really nice as well, composition-wise. Loving the sunset glow

  5. The weight loss has really brought out your sunglasses, can barely see them in the first pic.

  6. great work you look amazing!!!

  7. Side note your hair in both pics is goals!!

  8. I love your smile! You were beautiful before, totally gorgeous now!! Nice work. Also thanks for the inspiration, basically exact same stats and goals and I’ve been needing some motivation!!

  9. You are almost my stat tween (26f/5’4/ CW 153, GW120)
    I still need to lose 33 pounds, but you are definitely an inspiration to keep going 😀

  10. You’ve made some amazing progress and gains, but I’ve got to admit your hair is gorgeous. Like it was already looking good, but when it saw the rest of you improving, it refused to be outdid.

    10/10 would make a long extraneous comment again.

  11. Absolutely beautiful both ways! Great progress!

  12. I am so close to 158 😭 I want to get to 123 so bad 😭

  13. Damn, I’m 5’4 and 140lbs, The more I see of women with the same height but who are in the 120s always makes me wanna try. Good work!

  14. Beautiful girl on both pics 🙂

  15. You are absolutely beautiful. Fantastic work!!

  16. Congratulations. You managed to go from a 10 to an 11

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