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F/33/5’5 [135lbs + 0lbs = 135lbs] (2 years) From soft 135 to a lean 135, muscle does weight more than fat by volume.

F/33/5’5 [135lbs + 0lbs = 135lbs] (2 years) From soft 135 to a lean 135, muscle does weight more than fat by volume.

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  2. I’ve posted a few different angles now but people requested a 135 vs 135 comparison since I now weigh around 145lbs with more muscle mass. Here is the difference and why I teach all my clients that weight isn’t a good indicator of progress. In both these photos I am 135lbs but my body composition & measurements are completely different. Ladies stop obsessing about the scale, take progress photos, measurements, go by how your clothes fit & how you feel. Yes it’s true muscle weighs more by volume than fat. Ill post a 135lbs vs 145lbs later, dont want to spam you guys but figured this is a good reminder for all that its NOT just about the number on the scale.

  3. Wow, I love this! What were your diet and exercise regimen like? I’m also trying to replace fat with muscle while maintaining around the same weight but I’m not sure the best way to go about it.

  4. Amazing! I’m the same height and weight but definitely “soft” still. How’d you tone up?

  5. You look absolutely stunning!!! I’m also 5’5 and a “soft” 135 (as of this mornings weigh in) and my next goal is to start working on a body composition transformation like this. Seeing this today before I hit the gym for the first time in 2019 is seriously inspiring. Thank you!! ❤

  6. Damn.

    Also, I’d double up vote because you added “by volume.” Drives me crazy when people say muscle weighs more than fat.

  7. I just think you look great, I mean both ways but great work anyways.


    You look great.

  8. /u/LaurenDrain How does diet work on a regime where you maintain the same weight but change your body composition?

    Just eat clean and follow your hunger, without restricting anything but junk?

  9. Are these breasts natural? (Asking as a female, no pervert)

  10. Wow. You have like… The ideal body. That’s amazing progress–you clearly put a lot of work into it. Goals right there.

  11. Basically my goals! I’m around 140 at 5’6’’ and just started working towards it! Way to go!

  12. Impressive.

    I wish I looked good in both of my photos, but after 86 pounds, I’m getting closer.

  13. I’ve been following you for years! Fancy seeing you here on Reddit! You inspired me to start working out when I was but a young teen 🙂

  14. Holy crap. This is the best same weight comparison I’ve ever seen. Thanks for positing! I keep looking at the scale, but I am much stronger and more fit than the last time I was at this weight. Most noticeably, the jeans I bought at this weight, over a year ago, don’t fit me any more (too big)! Amazing. Thanks for posting. This is a perfect reminder.

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  16. Wowzers slap a lil NSFW on this bad boy! Btw you look amazing!!!!!!!!!!

  17. You should be so proud you look amazing!!!!

  18. Amazing! You look absolutely fantastic!

  19. Holy shit I remember watching a documentary and then reading about you leaving WBC and now you’re on my newsfeed via progresspics. Crazy coincidence.

    P.S. Go you!

  20. Wow you look amazing! I’m sure I’ll never look like the picture on the right but I’m inspired nonetheless

  21. Now this is a really hard and spectacular transformation!

  22. That is a very impressive change. An a great example of how muscle is dense. You look amazing and hot!

  23. Amazing physique! I’m your same height and weight, and your “after” look is my goal.

  24. No offense, but Stacy’s mom doesn’t have it going on anymore

    (Meaning, she’s the 🔥 one now…)

  25. And I ain’t looking for a girlfriend and as I said thats just my opinion

  26. I never asked for anyone’s opinions and i can handle it fine its you who seams to have a problem with me having a opinion of my own

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