Home / Body Transformations / F/35/5’5″ [209lbs > 195lbs = 14lbs] The scale hasn’t moved much but my cardio health says otherwise. Long time lurker, first post here. Be kind :)

F/35/5’5″ [209lbs > 195lbs = 14lbs] The scale hasn’t moved much but my cardio health says otherwise. Long time lurker, first post here. Be kind :)

F/35/5’5″ [209lbs > 195lbs = 14lbs] The scale hasn’t moved much but my cardio health says otherwise. Long time lurker, first post here. Be kind 🙂

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  2. Looks like you lost much more than 14lbs. Good work!

  3. Looks like a different person! Congratulations. I’ve just started at a gym for the first time ever. Hoping I can be as equally motivated. Thanks for sharing!

  4. Can’t believe that’s the only difference on the scale the photos say different … well done!

  5. Way to go! There’s significant differences between the two pics-keep up the great work!

  6. I’m proud of you for sticking with it even if the scale hasn’t changed as much as you would like. That is discouraging. It shows how strong you are to keep going!

  7. Holy hell! You look so much more toned, definitely having calves-envy right now! Keep it up! 😀

  8. You probably replaced your muscle with Fat. Sincle muscle is denser than fat, its likely you lost much more than 14lbs of fat and strength up your legs and core.

    check out the reference: https://goo.gl/images/ubzubg

    Nice work keep it up!

  9. Wow, what a difference! You look so toned!!

  10. I absolutely LOVE this community! I never expected so many people to see the post and comment, my first post n all.
    Big virtual hug to everyone! And, thank you. 😘

  11. Look at those legs! Great job! Keep pushing on. 👍🏼

  12. Ugh I love your calves! That’s where my body has decided I shouldn’t lose weight. Annoying. Congrats!

  13. Wow, that is a world of difference. Your scale is a jerk.

  14. Thank youuu! Yup, it’s the same for me, the scale doesn’t budge. All the best for your journey! Do monthly measurements. Knowing that there is some inch loss even if the scale hasn’t moved, makes me feel a lot better.

  15. I’m there with you! Have only lost 10 pounds in the past year but I can now run a 5k in 30 minutes! Cheers to cardio health!

  16. Goes to show how much difference “just a few pounds” can make! Looks like way more than 14! You also seem way more in your element in the second photo. This is really great motivation for myself, thanks for sharing!

  17. Definitely looks like you have lost more than 14lbs, great job just hang in there. I have been back in the gym for 4 months now and the scales say I have lost 30lbs but it looks like I have lost 50+, the scales are not your friend when starting a workout regimen. Take measurements they are much more satisfying.

  18. Crazy amount of change for just 15lbs. Congrats!

  19. Maybe a moderate amount on the scale, but your body composition has obviously made a massive change for the healthier, and looks great too! Congratulations!

  20. Legends has it, she’s still staring out the same window to this day.

    Also, I would have guess you’ve dropped 30 pounds or more based on the progress pic!

  21. Im pretty sure you only lost “14lbs” total, but it definitely wasn’t you just losing 14lbs you most likely lost 20+lbs of fat and gained a few lbs of muscles cause like the wise words of Shakira “Those hips don’t lie”

  22. You look fantastic!! I lost 132 lbs in one year BUT that first month I only lost 13 pounds and it was discouraging at first! However, once I started adding more strength training with weights, that’s when the pounds started falling off. Cardio is great for heart health but strength training is what helps you lose. Keep it up! You’re going to go far!!

  23. The difference is super noticeable! Keep it up from a fellow 5’5” 30-something woman 😊 I’m around 175 right now and am really struggling with motivation but your progress is awesome and inspiring!

  24. Keep dem grind coming! You’re doing great 💪🏽 congrats!

  25. You can definitely see the difference, gotta be honest you look fucking hot with those curves!

  26. Look at you go. I could never do the treadmill for whatever reason. Kinda jealous.

  27. Even tho the perspective of the shot is a bit different you can definitely see a change. Great job!

  28. I know it’s hard to not be focused on the scale but embrace all of the other changes you see and feel! There is more to just the scale! Keep killing it!

  29. That scale is lying or on strike. The result is amazing. Throw that scale out!

  30. Don’t listen to the scale! Looks like you’ve lost much more than just 14lbs. You’re looking great and I’m so happy for you!! ☀️💪🏽

  31. Wow!!! This is so impressive! Your hard work is clearly paying off! Congrats!

  32. This picture is proof that the scale is not king of determining body changes. Great job, you’re looking way more fit now than the first photo!

  33. Huge difference!!!! As someone who works out a lot, I’ll be the first to tell you I feel two ways depending on the day. If m not working out, I will usually loose more pounds. When I am working out, I’ll jump over 140. However while my weight is up, I can feel my body is stronger; leaner and stronger. I really had to change my feelings about the scale. And right now I’m working out six days a week, coming back from an almost three month knee injury. During that time, I was in the 130s but my legs were getting wider and saw fat. I weighed myself today at 140. I’m feeling thinner and leaner than last month though. So definitely listen and look at your body. I really only weigh myself once a week now. I used to be obsessed and weigh daily until I just made myself ween off the scale, really.

  34. Get a new scale. That is way way more than 14 lbs!! Amazing work. Keep focused and keep moving.

  35. You look amazing! Looks like much more than 14 lbs to me. Fantastic work!

  36. Definitely looks like more than 14!!! Make sure you’re taking measurements too 🙂 although you may be, and I’m sure other people have mentioned it as well. I had to switch from weighing myself so often as well because I, too, am easily discouraged. Keep up the good work!

  37. Great job! I just started going back to the gym and you just gave me that extra motivation! Keep up the great work!

  38. That 14 pounds looks like 50. Throw out the scale and keep up the great work!

  39. Congrats on being in “ONEderland” , I remember hitting 199 lbs and that feeling is indescribable ♥️ You go girl!! Thanks for the inspo because I need to get back on the treadmill too. I can see a big difference btw.

  40. Great work! And I love the colorful shoes! ☺️

  41. You might want to look into buying a new scale, it looks a lot more than 14lbs.

  42. It looks like you lost a lot of inches!

  43. Woman, you look like you lost *waaaaay* more than 14lbs. Congrats!

  44. Go slow, keep toning !! Your looking great big difference in the hips and back , gives me hope, im 53, 157 from167 i know mostly water weight, but i feel better, very little breads, i have a lot less bloating more meat, and veg. Trying to get off my one pepsi a day, niw thats the tough one, need to get away from all corn syrup the best i can , it causes fatty liver . Looking great , keep it up !!

  45. Clap clap . Keep it coming. You deserve it

  46. What a huge change, well done!! Scales are for fish, girl, this picture’s worth is more than any numbers.

  47. The difference is noticeable, keep up the great work!

  48. Most impressive 14lbs I’ve seen! You look great!

  49. Yayyyy!!! Great work!!! Keep it up, you’re doing amazing!!!

  50. Scale may not have moved much but boy you look so much thinner!

  51. You’re doing it! Awesome job, keep it up!!!!

  52. That’s way more than 14lbs of fat lost. You’re totes gaining muscle! You’re killing it!

  53. It really looks like an amazing improvement! It happened to me that because of the type of workout some of my muscles strated to grow, and they do weigh a lot. So yes, the scale is not the only indicator one should look at. Also, great job!!!

  54. It’s not about the scale, it’s about the process.

    When I was at my peak wt., I couldn’t even WALK 2 miles on the treadmill. But eventually I can run 5 mins of the 2 miles. Then 10. Then 15. Now I’m playing full-court basketball!!

    Don’t get discouraged. Hard work will pay off. Always.

  55. You look great! And you prove that the scale doesn’t really mean anything! It’s all about how you feel and look and just because someone is thin doesn’t mean they’re in good shape and can do cardio like you so keep it up girl!!

  56. THAT’S 14lbs?? No way, it looks like at LEAST 3
    20-30 to me. You look amazing. And I bet you feel even more amazing! Keep up the amazing work!! I’m so happy for you! 💖

  57. Your entire body changed! This is awesome! Thank you for inspiring me to not give up my cardio.

  58. I really like the photo perspective you used. I hope you start a trend. Way to go!

  59. Way to go! You are doing awesome!

  60. I don’t care what the scales says, you look amazing! Don’t fret over the numbers, you look amazing and I’m sure you feel so much better.

  61. Looking much more fit and toned in the after picture. You probably have a lot more energy, happier, feel better and don’t wind as easy. Keep up the good work. If you were to ask me, I would say you lost more than 14 lb and gained some back in muscle.

  62. I hope it does too but regardless… You look amazing!

  63. You look great. Keep up the great job

  64. We are the same age. You give me hope. And it looks like so much more than a 14 lb difference. I hope you’re loving yourself. 💕

  65. You done good. Keep at it!! We’re rooting for you.

  66. You’re amazing!! Who would not be kind? You’ve been kicking some serious ass! Great work and you should be so proud!!

  67. Screw the scale, you’re looking AMAZING!

  68. Well done. Keep up the great work 🙂

  69. The scale may not show it but your body certainly has changed tremendously, glad you feel better!! Good job

  70. Your whole body shape has changed. Scale be damned, you’ve made great progress!!

  71. The scale might not being saying much but those pictures are saying a lot, keep up the good work!

  72. Your progress is very visible. Good job! You’re killing this😁

  73. You lost inches. The scale kicks in much later. It already shows. Congrats!

  74. This is proof that the scale is not as important. I’m sure your clothes show a much bigger change. Muscle weighs more than fat. You are doing great!

  75. You look great! I bet your measurements have dropped a lot, I can see it in your hips and waist.

  76. Your scale is broken, get a new one. No way in hell that’s only 14lb.

  77. It doesn’t get said enough: this is a life long commitment. The numbers are cool, but making changes that you can actually live with and will make you live longer are the point.

  78. Honestly, eff the scale. I think there’s a dramatic difference between both photos!! Awesome job.

  79. You look like a completely different person! I can’t believe this is just 14 pounds. You’re motivation is stellar. Keep killing it:)

  80. Hey!! You look AMAZING (in both photos:D). Your hard work is SO apparent. Remember that the scale really doesn’t mean that much, especially if you’re experiencing a noticeable improvement in cardiovascular health!! That’s so awesome, keep up the great work!! <3

  81. You look awesome. Great progress. Don’t worry about the scale so much.

  82. Wow those 14 lbs made a difference

  83. Huge difference, your hard work is paying off! Keep it up! 🙂

  84. Way to go! You are amazing!! Such an inspiration to me!!

  85. I also see a lot of body recomp! Congrats, girl, you’re doing it.

  86. Looks like you’re making great progress. Second pic says it all.

  87. Tracking things beside weight, like ability, is great motivation. If my bench press goes up or my lap time goes down I am happier than if my weight goes down.

  88. It definitely looks like more than 14lbs. Fantastic job, you’re rocking it.

  89. This looks way more than 14lbs.. GREAT JOB

  90. You spent 9 months on a treadmill?! Terrible joking aside you look brilliant and your hard work is totally paying off! As for the weight loss I’m no expert but I would say you’ve probably gained some muscle which weighs a fair bit more than fat, so I would assume you weight loss of fat is much more than 14lbs! Either way go you, well done!

  91. Wow…..that looks like muich more than a 14lb loss. Good for you!

  92. There are visible differences. Your clothes have to be fitting differently, right?

  93. You look awesome! I too have been having trouble with the number on the scale not moving but I know I’ve gained muscle and lost fat but we pay too much attention to the numbers. Thanks for the reminder the scale isn’t everything

  94. You have seriously “leaned” out!! Keep up the great work and screw the scale! What approach have you taken to improving your cardio? I absolutely hate cardio, but love to lift… Need to even out my routine!

  95. Wow! Way to go!!!

    The scale is a deceiving bitch.

  96. You’re my inspiration ❤ Keep up the hard work!!!

  97. If I remeber correctly muscle is heavier/denser

  98. Wait, what? Only 14 pounds? It seriously looks like you lost more like 50. Congrats, you’re doing this right!

  99. Don’t get discouraged. Muscle weighs more than fat. You’re doing fantastic!!’

  100. I find that weight while not fit and weight while fit, even if it’s the same number, look like very different shapes. So long as you like what you’re body looks like and you’re feeling good about what you’re doing then you’re gold.

  101. Immense proof the scale is worthless. Have you been measuring? I see significant gains.

  102. Nice work! The numbers don’t tell the whole story at all! Your after pic looks incredible.

  103. Wow! Lools like way more than 14 pounds lost! Congratulations!

  104. Amazing effort!! The scales don’t move so much for me sometimes, but these kind of victories tell a different story. A year ago I had to go to hospital and couldn’t walk for a week after doing a spin class, today I did 80 burpees in a HIIT session and am thinking about going for a run tonight as well. I’m so proud of you for sticking with it, even if the scales don’t move the difference in those two pictures is awesome! Plus, have you ever picked up a 14lb weight and carried it around for a while… it’s damn heavy! Keep it up. You’re awesome. 🙂

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