Home / Body Transformations / M/30/5’9″ [186lbs > 154lbs = 32 lbs] (4.5 years) Cake day update!

M/30/5’9″ [186lbs > 154lbs = 32 lbs] (4.5 years) Cake day update!

M/30/5’9″ [186lbs > 154lbs = 32 lbs] (4.5 years) Cake day update!

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    Ironically I didn’t realize it was my cake day as this is a scuttle account that took me about 30 tries to remember my password!

    Original post: [https://www.reddit.com/r/progresspics/comments/7qhp0r/m2959_186lbs_167lbs_35_years/](https://www.reddit.com/r/progresspics/comments/7qhp0r/m2959_186lbs_167lbs_35_years/)


    As I mentioned in my last post, fall 2017 into March 2018 was my first real bulk. I think I did it too quickly and gained about 20-25ish lbs from 5-6 months. Started from around 17% BF and ended up at 23.2% BF at 175 lbs (according to Withings impedance scale).

    March -> August was my first true cut to see the fruits of my hard work over those 5-6 months. Very pleased with my results. Upon looking at my progress, it seems genetically I was gifted with a good V cut even at such a high BF percentage in March 2018.

    I wanted to get to 10-12% BF so I could do another bulk, this time “cleaner” than my last and much slower to maintain as much lean appearance as possible. I did get a more robust impedance scan using an In Body 570 machine which placed me at 12.9% BF as my lowest around July/August with 150ish lbs. Unfortunately September -> Now (January 2019) was a bit rough on me. Had too many family events and holiday events which I deviated a bit from my goal and now I am sitting around 14-15% BF again and about 5-6 lbs higher than where I was in August. I am somewhat pleased I weathered the holiday season relatively the same aesthetic appearance well, though unpleased that it has set me off of the typical “bulk in winter, cut in spring, maintain in summer” mantra.

    Overall; super pleased with my results for my first bulk/cut cycle.

    At present; trying to get to that elusive 10-12%; which might take me to 145lbs. I may be not have a sufficient amount of lean mass to make that a realistic goal, as my calories are already quite low at 1600/day and I seem to struggle greatly at this point. Either way I think once I hit 145lbs it will be time to maintain for about a month or two, and then get back into a more robust workout schedule with a very slow and controlled bulk again 🙂


    See you again after bulk/cut or who knows when!


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