Home / Body Transformations / M/37/6’2″ [480>238 = 242lbs lost] 6 years between the pictures, 242 lost over 3 years.

M/37/6’2″ [480>238 = 242lbs lost] 6 years between the pictures, 242 lost over 3 years.

M/37/6’2″ [480>238 = 242lbs lost] 6 years between the pictures, 242 lost over 3 years.

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M/22/6’0″ [240lbs > 208lbs = 32lbs] (6 months) Still have about 28 more lbs to …


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  2. U look 20 yrs younger compared to before pic

  3. There is 0% chance this is real. Come on, there is no way we’re falling for this. I only see you wearing 1 pair of pants. Not 40. Fake news. 40 pairs of pants, would be like, a lotta pants.

    Jokes aside, youre doing terrific buddy. Keep up the hard work.

  4. Amazing! The pictures look like they could be of a father and son you look so much younger. Great achievement.

  5. How thin are those pants to be wearing forty pairs?

  6. You look hot as hell now! Congrats!

  7. Yeah, I second everyone who says you look 20 years younger. That an incredible transformation! We’re all so proud of you

  8. Dude that’s phenomenal!! Way to get it off and keep it off over all those years. Inspirational indeed

  9. Did you have any work done of excess skin ?

  10. Now that is inspirational!! Stunning and handsome. Fantastic job!

  11. You are so fucking inspiring! Good job hottie

  12. Holy moly you lost 20 years too!! Amazing work. Way to go!!

  13. grats man but how the hell do you fit into a medium? I’m 6’2 185 and wear a large!

  14. Goodness, what a change! Well done sir!

  15. Seriously hard to believe how many years younger you look, and how many more you added to your life. Incredible transformation and an inspiration. Keep it up.

    Edit: word

  16. Great job man!! Hoping to be your size one day, very inspirational. Thanks

  17. Dude to dude, you look amazing man. Really nice work!

  18. Awesome job! What was your nutrition and exercise routine like? How did you get yourself into consistency? Any loose skin?

  19. I laterally just said “Jesus fuck.” That’s an incredible transformation. Good for you!!!!!

  20. Just drop by to say YEAHHHH lookin’ good son! (Sorry I had to cal you son since you look so young now 🙂).

  21. This is insanity. Well done man.

  22. Great job, and great job sticking with it

  23. Your skin even looks better! Keep it up!

  24. You look amazing!! That’s so incredible. Congratulations on keeping it going over 3 years as well 💪🏻

  25. Im so impressed! Keep up the good work sir!

  26. What an amazing transformation. Congratulations!!

  27. Looks like you could go even smaller with the pants! Great job.

  28. Thanks for the motivation! You’re awesome!

  29. You look great and I bet you feel great too. Congratulations on meeting your goals! 🤓👍

  30. Well done sir! That’s amazing.

  31. Wow…you’re getting younger. Not too many people in their 30s can say that 😛

  32. Wow, you look incredible! I definitely agree with other comments saying you look way younger. Amazing effort that has paid off, give yourself a pat on the back! As someone starting their weight loss journey, you inspire me! 🙂

  33. I can see the pain in your posture in that first pic

  34. You look like two different people.

  35. Wow! You look so young now. Great job!!

  36. What was your secret for losing this much weight?

  37. What brand are those trousers?

  38. Check those arms!! Great job

  39. Awesome work, you look amazing.
    How did you get forearms that size? Work? Workout?

  40. Congrats man, you achieved something incredible. Be proud of yourself, you look great!

  41. If you don’t mind can you share age because your transformation is amazing…

  42. Great work! This internet stranger is proud if you!

    Pleas keep it up. Your family (esp future kids) will love you for sticking around.

  43. Wow, you’ve done an amazing thing! Well done 🙂

  44. You look great man! What was the biggest turning point for you? And how did you learn to reprogram your relationship with food?

  45. wow, shocked, amazing, feeling a waaaay more motivated <33

  46. My man! Looking good. Keep up the hard work.

  47. Sorry if being hit on by a gay guy is offensive but damn you’re hot. Your arms are amazing.

  48. yea and dedication, I need to lose 45lbs and still trying to move my a$$

  49. You don’t look 37 at all in either picture, I guessed about 27 now. You’ve done great, well done!

  50. Holy crap you look so much younger. Great job. I just lost over 100 pounds in the last year and I dropped from size 56 to 40. I was so excited I bought so many damn pairs of wranglers. Long story short if you want to pm your address I will send you a bunch of brand new with tags wranglers size 40×30. You’ll make my wife happy so we can free up some of her closet space lol

  51. Wow! Enjoy the benefits of all that hard work!

  52. Holy heck! Amazing. Nice work!!

  53. Wow, congratulations to you. Your before picture you look so tired and uncomfortable, your now picture is so happy and healthy, keep making the healthy choices that are working for you.

  54. Thank you everyone for comments. For anyone looking for the basics here is some info and a link to my imgur that has more pictures and stories. Please message me with any questions I’d love to talk to people about their journies.

    VSG (Vertical Sleeve Gastronomy) in 2015, I was 480lbs before the surgery, 460 the day of, and I quickly lost down to around 305 by mid 2016. From 2016 to 2017 I sucked and didn’t pay attention, and didn’t use the surgery properly, so I re-gained 40lbs, and started 2018 at 344lbs. March 2018 I started Keto and doing a Starting Strength 5×5 at home. I have worked out on and off (probably 5 of the last 10 months) depending on weather and schedule. I also walk 2-4 miles during breaks/lunches at work, and ended up in 2018 with around 675 miles walked. I have more pictures and stories on my imgur profile : https://imgur.com/user/Mithic

    I do have loose skin, you can see it on imgur, it’s a pain in the ass but it’s less then the fat. Eventually I’ll need surgery but that’s expensive.

  55. What’s your wingspan? Your arms look long af.

  56. dude on the left you just look defeated and lethargic.

    You are a new man on the right!

  57. I would never know that was you 3 years ago! You look happy, confident and healthy 💪🏼

  58. Wow, you really turned it around for yourself, man. Congrats

  59. Wow, you literally look 30 years younger…nicely done!

  60. You look AMAZING. Tremendous effort!

  61. Holy crap! Good shit Man!

  62. Amazing transformation, you’ve lost years off your face!

  63. INSANE more like 15 years younger. and you probably feel like you’re 29

  64. Amazing! Incredible work. You look at least 15 years younger and much happier.

  65. The beard is styled kinda weird, seems sort-of like an unnatural pattern, i’d try to experiment with other trimming styles if I were you. Or maybe it’s just this photo IDK. Anyway, great job on the weight loss dude !

  66. Great job dude! Congrats on the hard work, perseverance and improved health!

  67. YOU ARE A BABE!!!! Congrats, the hard work payed off. Thank you for your pics they encourage me in my journey.

  68. My jaw just dropped. The guy on the left looks like he is pushing 60 the guy on the right looks early 30ish… amazing accomplishment!

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