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M/41/6’1″ [542>477=65] week 17 (-3) Its never too late! Start today! Choose life!

M/41/6’1″ [542>477=65] week 17 (-3) Its never too late! Start today! Choose life!

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  2. My goal has been to post my progress weekly and I’ve hit that for 17 weeks. I never set a goal for how long I was going to do that. It’s just been my intention to keep that goal until I’m healthy and if it’s a healthy thing for me. It’s great to see the progress in the pics and the support and accountability are fantastic and so helpful. I’m not going to post next week though. So, my next post will be Dec 17th and I’ll continue with my weekly goal of posting from there. I’m not stopping work on my health gains. So, don’t think I’m giving up on me or any of you that have joined me and/or are working on your own health gains. I just need a week off from the posting but will continue every day to work one day at a time… one choice at a time… to choose life!

  3. You’re on a roll! It’s great to see you back on track 🙂 You even managed to lose weight over Thanksgiving!

    Thousands of us have enjoyed following you for the past four months but you certainly deserve a week off.

    Well done! The difference is incredible.

  4. Look at you go, dude! You are *killing* it. Are you taking measurements? I’d love to know how many inches you’ve lost from your waist… It looks to be a significant amount. I know you know this, but those inches represent months, maybe even years added back to your lifespan. I have never been more proud of an internet stranger. Yay for choosing life!!!

  5. I get genuinely excited whenever I see you’ve posted an update. It’s amazing seeing someone get such great results in real time. I can’t wait to see where you’re at in a few months time – you look so much happier and healthier already!

  6. I see a light in your eyes that wasn’t there in the starting picture. Fantastic job! 🙂

  7. I came for the buckeyes shower curtain, but I stayed for the amazing progress and your overall attitude and generosity to share this journey with us. I look forward to each of your posts and applaud you for taking a break from posting as you need to. See you on the 17th!

  8. This is really awesome. I feel like all your posts will be part of some epic story that Redditors of the future will speak of in years to come. You are history in the making! Keep it up!

  9. You are such a motivator! Great job this week, you can start to see face gains!

  10. I love seeing these posts. Motivating me along the way! Way to go!!!! 🙌🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼

  11. I had a rough week diet/weight wise and was feeling especially unmotivated today. Until I saw your post! Your posts remind me the road to health is long and isn’t always easily to travel but it’s worth staying the course, even when the going is slow. Keep up the great work and keep the posts coming!

  12. You’re my favorite thing about Mondays! Love your posts and your attitude. You’re getting really good at this losing weight thing.

  13. I started right round the same time you did. I’ve fallen off the wagon. And gained back the 20lbs I lost. Today I came to cheer you on, because I knew if you were still at it… than I can choose life too. Thanks for your weekly posts. They are really inspiring.

  14. Wow I notice so much difference this week! Are people starting to comment on your weight loss IRL yet?

  15. Consistency is key, and it appears that you are in the zone, brother! We’ll be here eager for your update on the 17th. Keep it up, my man; you’re doing fantastic!

  16. You’re making epic progress man! Seems like you’re losing a bit more than half a pound a day on average, which is dynamite.

    As someone who’s lost 42 lb in 82 days (415 > 373), I agree 100% with you. Start now and choose life!

  17. It’s amazing to see your progress every week. The changes are so visible every time. Keep it up, I love seeing these posts. You got this!

  18. Wow, you are doing so well. Keep it up and good luck with your journey!

  19. That is amazing!! DId you completely stop eating?? I want to follow your method, because it works!

  20. You’re inspiring me to really get back in to calorie counting. Keep up the great work, man!

  21. Go go go! Your posts have been a big inspiration to me, keep doing you!

  22. Yesss!! First time commenting here, but I’ve been cheering for you since week 1! Im officially down 30 lbs yesterday so when I saw this post I just had to jump on and say that you’re an inspiration and doing so well! You motivate me and so many others, and i can tell we motivate you. Everyone’s cheering for you 😊

  23. Why are all the Ohio people always the best? Seriously! This is fantastic. Your middle is so much less and your face gains are definitely there!

  24. My man, always great to see these! Enjoy a little break and we’ll catch ya on the flip side when you return!! Just remember to be kind to yourself and stay positive!

  25. Holy shit.

    I’ve been following since week one. I remember when you got a neck and your shoulders didn’t look like they were trying to punch you in the face anymore. But this week is where I really *see it*, for whatever reason.

    Just hot damn! Look at yourself! Your stomach is so much smaller! Your arms are visibly thinner! Your shirt has room to move with you! It has to be so much easier to move around, and just generally feel more comfortable. **Seventeen weeks** you’ve been committed to this, and it’s paying off!

    I’m so happy for you! And I’m so glad and honored you choose to share your accomplishments, successes and failures with us here on reddit.

    See you next week. 😊

  26. I love seeing you each week! I can’t believe how much smaller your belly is… and omg that jawline is totally coming innnnnnn!!!! Keep it up, you’re killin it!

  27. So inspirational! You are doing great. Keep us updated.

  28. Another great week—nice work! How’s your back feeling these days?

  29. great job!!! you lost a lot of weight in a fairly short amount of time, you’re obviously really committed to becoming more healthy. you also genuinely look happier 🙂 keep it up!

  30. Yay! Great job! I’m proud of you!

  31. Congrats, you’re making incredible progress! I also noticed that your posture has gotten a lot better!

  32. Great progress! I love your posts.

    What’s been the biggest NSV you’ve experienced from losing more than 60 pounds?

  33. I’ve been following your journey since the beginning! You’re a huge motivation for me to also get in shape and love a better life. Love your posts, please keep pushing forward! People like you that can maintain a crazy drive to be better are meant for greatness, good luck!

  34. I am so so proud of you!
    Everytime your update post comes up on my front page I upvote it. It’s very inspirational to follow someone’s journey from the start and know that with time and with some discipline results show.
    Good luck on your journey and I wish you all the strength to get through the weeks when it’s tougher and all the discipline to continue to work hard even during easier weeks.

  35. Thanks for noticing and saying!

  36. “Man is something that shall be overcome, what have you done to overcome him.”

  37. Enjoy your week off of posting! You have thousands here supporting you along the way and we are so amped up and proud of you!!!

  38. I see your posts every week – great job, man. Keep it up, you’re doing awesome!

  39. Happy to see your post again today, I always look out for it. For some reason today I can just see such a huge difference between your two pictures. The changes are really starting to stack up! Enjoy your week off from posting and thanks for the heads up, I’d have been worried if I hadn’t seen your post next Monday!

  40. Way to go and keep us updated! You’re doing great 🙂

  41. I’ve seen most of your posts but haven’t commented but I just wanted to say AMAZING JOB!!! Really impressed with your progress

  42. Another 3 down! 😀

    We are here to celebrate your recovery and health every week, but we don’t want to be a burden on your progress either! Honestly the fact that you are brave enough to post on the internet (reddit of all places) your story and even uncropped photos of your belly after several weeks, shows how freaking strong you are! You have nothing to prove to us how amazing you are! The hardest person to prove is yourself and one day soon I hope you look in that mirror with the biggest shit-eating grin you got because damn it you deserve it! 😀

  43. Come back stronger than ever. Look forward to your next 17 weeks and beyond. Much love and support!

  44. You’re making fantastic progress! Keep it up OP, we’re all rooting for you!

  45. Closing in on a hundred pounds! Just spectacular, man.

  46. I’ve been looking forward to your post today! You’re doing great, and I love following your progress every week.

    Thanks for letting us all know you’re taking a week off….I would have been worried if I didn’t see you.

    Have a good 2 weeks! 🙂

  47. I was thinking of you because I had not come across your posts for a while! Keep up the good work!

  48. Great work pal. Choose life.

  49. Can there be to much of this post? This should be considered spam at this point.

  50. This sub is called progress pics and you haven’t made any progress since your last post man. Last several posts actually.

  51. I am legit excited for your future. Keep posting and we can all enjoy the increasing ridiculousness of your before and after photos! Congrats and continued success!!

  52. I’m so happy for you and seeing these changes❤️ keep up this amazing progress it’s a waiting game for sure but in the end it will be more then worth it. I’m proud of you.

  53. Woot woot 💃🏻 🕺 nice to see you!

  54. I look forward to your posts and I’m so happy for you with your progress! Even your body language has changed. Keep up the good work!

  55. You’re killing it and doing amazing!

  56. I love your posts! I am so excited about where you’ll be after a year!

  57. I’m so excited for you and your 2019.

  58. 3 lbs is 3 lbs in the right direction! Keep it up dude!

  59. Awesome! Take it easy, see you in a fortnight.

  60. I love your dedication! So cool to see you stepping up to your goal of posting every week- that’s no small feat! Thanks for sharing your process with us buddy… haha your “choose life” mantra has become such a sweet regular affirmation for me 🙂 Keep the posts coming!

  61. Hell Yeah! Look at you kicking ass! So happy to see your continued commitment to your life! Chose life, brother! Enjoy your week off from posting and keep at it. Look forward to your update on 2 weeks (so long as you decide to continue to update us)

  62. Every week you look more and more healthy and alive!

  63. Way to go – continuing to chip away at it! Your shirt doesn’t even have a single fold or wrinkle in it from the front anymore – what a visible difference!

  64. I see your post every week (or however often you post). Great job! You got this! Keep inspiring and keep going. 🙂

  65. You’re doing amazing! Keep it going

  66. Enjoy your break and keep up the good work! There’s a lot of us here that are very proud of you!

  67. Yesss! I love following your progress. Keep it up man. You’re inspiring me to stay on the right path.

  68. Congrats! Great to see you again this week!

  69. Just poppin’ in to say you’re amazing. Rooting for you, keep up the good work!!!

  70. You are doing such a great job! You should be SO proud!

  71. You should totally so a time lapse video, you are doing so well!

  72. I so enjoy following your progress, you are doing outstanding!

  73. Dude, just wanted to pass by and wish you all the best. Dont give up!

  74. Fuck yes. Good job. Keep going. I look forward to Monday’s for this post.

  75. Keep going! We are all rooting for you!

    My brothers best friend was well on his way to 500 pounds in his 20’s and was able to get down to 170 and it changed his life.

    It’s really amazing and aw inspiring to see your transformation! I always stop on your post to see the progress.

    Peace and love ✌🏻💕

  76. What does an average day of food look like for you? I’m just curious and interested in maybe changing up my foods

  77. We can see more of the wall. This is amazing man. Big motivation

  78. Nice bro! I’ve been a little off the wagon these past weeks due to vacations and holidays… But your post just put me back to it. Let’s get it!

  79. I started around the same time as you, made some good progress so far, lost 19 pounds, gained back 9, but you give me motivation to keep going thank you♥️

  80. I’m inspired! Was going to sit but now lacing up and headed for a walk. Keep up the great work!

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