Home / Body Transformations / M/41/6’1″ [542>484=58] week 15 (-3) It’s Thanksgiving in the U.S. this Thurs. & I intend to (1) Watch my calories (2) Enjoy my family (3) Enjoy the feast (4) Eat more calories than usual on Thurs. (5) Eat fewer calories on Wed. & Fri. Choose life!

M/41/6’1″ [542>484=58] week 15 (-3) It’s Thanksgiving in the U.S. this Thurs. & I intend to (1) Watch my calories (2) Enjoy my family (3) Enjoy the feast (4) Eat more calories than usual on Thurs. (5) Eat fewer calories on Wed. & Fri. Choose life!

M/41/6’1″ [542>484=58] week 15 (-3) It’s Thanksgiving in the U.S. this Thurs. & I intend to (1) Watch my calories (2) Enjoy my family (3) Enjoy the feast (4) Eat more calories than usual on Thurs. (5) Eat fewer calories on Wed. & Fri. Choose life!

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  2. Hey, looks like you’re back on track after last week. Well done.

  3. I love your posts! I know this sounds weird because I don’t know you, but I’m proud of you!! I get so excited for you every time you post a new picture. Way to go!

  4. Back on track, my man! Today starts day 1 for me and seeing you putting in the hard work and bouncing back from last week is really inspiring. Seeing you chisel away at each pound, one at a time, shows that some hard work and patience can really make a difference. Keep it up and thank YOU for inspiring so many of us.

  5. Your singlet is getting baggier and baggier! Enjoy your Thanksgiving and keep up the great work

  6. You are killing it! What an inspiration!

  7. You are such an inspiration. I look for your update each week. It is helping me in my efforts.

    When you are down 100 pounds, I would be happy to send you a University of Michigan shower curtain as a congratulations gift. 😀

    – Your Michigan fan

  8. I’ve been waiting all day for your post. Congrats and Happy Thanksgiving!

  9. I love how your T-shirt which was too tight in the first picture, now seems to be too loose 😁

  10. The difference in the side-on pictures is amazing this week, man. Enjoy Thanksgiving, you deserve it!

  11. *see’s your post* *immediately upvote* Keep up the great work lad. You’re looking slimmer by the post!

  12. Yay! Been keeping an eye out for your post all day. Glad to see it’s been a successful week and you’re back on track. Sounds like you have a good game plan. Have a great thanksgiving! 🙂

  13. My goal for this season is just 5lbs, but I’ve determined not to beat myself up if I just maintain. Be kind to yourself and celebrate the little victories along with the big. 🙂

  14. So glad you stayed with it😊. You are in it to win it!Rooting for you👏👏👏!!!

  15. I’ve watched you progress week after week and you’re killin’ it. Keep it up!!!

    Good luck against UM this weekend (from a diehard MSU fan!!)!!!

  16. Just saying hi friend ! Keep on doing what you are doing – you are doing great!

  17. Happy to see you’re back on track this week! Just chiming in as another person on a weight loss journey who looks forward to your posts. Happy thanksgiving!

  18. This is an odd thing to say to a stranger, but I’m filled with an almost personal sense of pride by your posts.

  19. Great plan for the week! I’m on the same one. Enjoy your holiday, man. You deserve it.

  20. I enjoy seeing your progress week after week! Very proud of you! I’m a dietitian and your plan for Thanksgiving is great, enjoy our Holiday!

  21. Honestly this is my favorite thing on reddit right now, just to see you make progress and become happier and happier just makes my day. Keep it up!

  22. Honestly after last week I was worried you were going to give up and I cannot express my happiness to see you back here! And down 3lb!

  23. Nice work! Keep it going. Choose Turkey! 😂

  24. I comment every week, lol. You are doing so well. Your face is looking so much better, your stomach is shrinking. I’ve been reading this book called the obesity code, it talks about the history of nutrition, sociological changes, and the science behind obesity and weight gain. It basically outlines how insulin causes weight gain, and what food causes your insulin to spike. Very interesting, maybe you should look into it.

  25. Atta guy! Keep up the good work!

  26. That is the perfect approach! Enjoy your day!

  27. I always wait to see your posts. You’re an inspiration man keep up the good work!

  28. Back on track! You’re doing so excellent. I really enjoy seeing your weekly posts. Happy thanksgiving!

  29. I love watching your updates! Great job!

  30. Your progress pictures are something I look forward to every week! Your dedication is enviable, your progress is visible every week, and you seem so happy! Enjoy every Thanksgiving moment and bite! See you next week!

  31. Yas! Keep that positive mindset this week! I know a lot of people are starting to get stressed about it but honestly just trying to enjoy the day with your friends/family and being mindful of your intake is all any of us can do. Have fun!

  32. I love seeing your posts. They are so inspiring. You’re doing so well!

  33. (6)watch the Buckeyes play Michigan and *hopefully*win….

  34. Solid Thanksgiving strategy. Keep in mind that leftovers exist. I only mention this because Friday could suck. I’d honestly just make sure to let other people have the leftovers.

    Are you hosting a Thanksgiving? If not, don’t bring anything home.

  35. Awesome job brother! Keep up the great work. Enjoy Thursday.

  36. Man I’m trying to lose weight too and your posts are always an inspiration to me. Keep up the good work you’re looking awesome!!

  37. You’ve got a solid plan there! Happy to see you back! Keep it up! 🤘🏽

  38. I look forward for this every week. great job

  39. Hell Yeah! Enjoy your family and eat your thanksgiving food. This is a long term change, you already know this. Choose life!

  40. Great job, so happy to hear about your success this week! But I also see you added an OSU towel, mocking us.

  41. Back on track exactly as I expected you to be! Well done man, you’re winning every day 🙂 Enjoy your thanksgiving, you’ve more than earned it!

  42. Hey I have the same plan. Great job being on track with the weight loss this week. I have finally started losing some weight. Only 8lbs so far but I will keep on fighting! I appreciate the motivation from those of you that post regularly.

  43. Hell yes man!! Good plan, stick to it, but also laugh, have some fun, and enjoy turkey day! Killing it brother!

  44. Always been a lurker on your posts, but I’ve been following em for a while.

    Good job, my friend.

  45. Excellent! Back to killing it. Enjoy your Thanksgiving- and remember, one meal didn’t get you to 500lbs. You can enjoy one meal at a holiday as long as you get back on track right after the meal is over.

  46. Your whole demeanor seems more and more uplifted and happy each week!! It’s my favorite thing to see in your posts

  47. You look better each time I see your posts. Keep it up dude!

  48. Congrats on the renewed progress! Don’t give a da❌n for whole state of ❌ichigan!

  49. Keep up the good work man! I’m always looking out for your posts!

  50. Love watching the progress you’re making – thanks for being brave enough to post your journey.

  51. Keep it up buddy!!!

    You got a shit ton of fans out here cheering for you.

  52. Hurray! Looks like you had a great week. Happy thanksgiving!! You’re doing awesome.

  53. Good plan! Happy Thanksgiving!

  54. I love watching you do this with such frequent updates! Really impressive work already, and I’m sure you have much more success ahead of you!

  55. I look forward to your progress pics. I was thinking of you the other day and I was like, “please don’t give up.”
    Truly inspirational man. This. Is. AMAZING.

  56. Man, ur doing awesome!! Keep on, keepin on. Good luck on ur continued journey 😃

  57. Love these updates, keep them coming, and enjoy your holiday!

  58. You are doing so good! We are thankful for your updates 😊🦃

  59. Fail to prepare and prepare to fail. Looks like you’re prepared! Keep kicking ass!

  60. I always look forward to your updates! You are doing such a great job and you inspire me to keep chugging along. Be proud of yourself and keep up the great work!

  61. Gobble gobble dude.
    U need to post more updates

  62. Still going like a prooooooo!

  63. wow you look so different in the face!!

  64. Hey I just want to thank you for being the literal embodiment of this subreddit. I respect everyone who posts their before and after pics on here, but it doesn’t always show the entire journey. Thanks for giving us all the real deal. We’re all rooting for you!!

  65. So glad you’re back! One bad week isn’t the end of the world when you’re playing the long con lol. You’ve got this! Also, I swear on my life your shoulder tat is moving, weight loss is weird lol

  66. You are showing consistency and dedication in such a powerful way. Will power is never enough. You’re doing the really hard work of rewiring your brain and body. It is so damn inspirational & I love to see your progress. Keep going!!

  67. Your updates are the ones I look forward to the most. This random internet stranger is proud of you! Thank YOU for choosing life. ❤️

  68. Your posts are really inspiring. Keep it up, mate! 😉

  69. Happy thanksgiving! I’m Australian and am not too familiar with thanksgiving but I do like pumpkin pie. Enjoy your feast!

  70. Hey man, good to see you back on track! Learning how to stop small setbacks from growing into big setbacks can be tough to learn, but as long as you keep making the next right choice, you will keep winning these battles.

    Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday of the year! It’s always good to have a plan going in so you can succeed, even with food all around. I personally start with a small taste of everything that I want to have, passing the things I don’t. After I’ve had a small sample of everything, I fill my second plate with only what I want more of. I try and engage in conversation during the meal as well so I don’t just shovel everything in quickly. Enjoy the holiday with friends and family, see you next week!

  71. You look happier and more confident already! You got this dude! I believe in you! Happy holidays!

  72. Minus 3!!! Yes!!!! Well done 🙂

    I hope you managed to keep on top of those doubts and fears you were experiencing last week.

  73. I love seeing your posts. Keep ’em coming! You’re an inspiration.

  74. Hey man, your posts are a weekly inspiration. Keep it up!

  75. I have enjoyed seeing your progress, 58lbs is absolutely amazing. I hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

  76. Keep it up! You’re an Inspiration. One day we will hit the gym together! O H

  77. I love seeing your post! I’m on my weight loss journey as well and it’s a tough process so seeing these post feels like we got this together

  78. Dude I cheer you on, but I was hoping Maryland would pull off the win on Saturday lol. Do work my dude!

  79. Keep going!
    I always look for your updates. Happy Thanksgiving. 🍂🍁

  80. Congrats, you’ve got this! From a diehard wolverine 🙂

  81. Love seeing your posts every week! Keep up the awesome work!

  82. there’s so much more life in your eyes! seeing your posts are always encouraging 🙂

  83. Keep up the hard work! Your Thanksgiving plan sounds like a good one.

  84. I’ve commented one of your posts before… I advise you to treat Thursday as an opportunity to test your moderation. Tell your family about your goals, and eat even less than you normally would… that holiday doesn’t need to be a setback, for me it was a chance to prove my dedication to my weight-loss.

    The family will still be there, the football will still be there… hell, it’s still Michigan week. I’m just saying the binging that occurs on thanksgiving isn’t part of a normal life, even if the lore tells you that it is. You’ll be so proud of yourself if you stick to a responsible diet that day.

    And as always, Go Bucks!

  85. Awesome work – keep it up 🙂 You can see how much happier you are already in the November pic!

  86. Awesome job. Enjoy the Turkey. Happy Thanksgiving!

  87. Enjoy thanksgiving. Treat yourself and eat more but you’re smart to compensate for the day before and after! Life happens but ya gotta work around it and that is the best way to enjoy it

  88. This is my plan too! You’re looking great OP and I can’t wait to see us all next week!

  89. if it’s not too much.. what’s your calorie count at right now? and what do you plan on limiting it to, the days before, after, and the day of thanksgiving? i always eat till im “full” on thanksgiving, but it’s hard not to go back for seconds, thirds, and sometimes even fourths hours after the initial meal

  90. Good plan for the week! And great progress! Don’t just focus on losing the weight but also focus on mental health and that’s what you seem to be doing which is amazing! You rock!

  91. I’m always happy to see your posts. You’ve made so much progress already.

  92. Keep it up dude! You’re doing f’in awesome!

  93. Good for you in your progress. You’ll get there.

  94. Happy Monday and Thanksgiving!!! You have an awesome plan for eating on and around that day. From all of us people that you bring together and inspire, a heartfelt thank you 🙏🏼.

  95. You are doing awesome! Totally killing it!

  96. Aw yissssss. Your face looks so much younger in this weeks side-by-side!

  97. Thanks for the inspiration. Please keep sending the updates!

  98. Down three!!! There you go!! Happy Thanksgiving Reddit friend. We can get through this week! Someone brought fudge to work today. I didn’t resist it. However I won’t go back for seconds with it tomorrow. That’s a win if I can do that.

  99. Bam! Look at that! Back on track and with a plan for the holiday. Get it!

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