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BodyTransform Workout Playlist: Selena Gomez, Marshmello – Wolves

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  1. Marshmello making two medium-good songs consecutively? What's happening, mr. world?

  2. Hey everyone I am 16 and have just remixed this song. Head over to my channel to support !!! Thanks !!!

  3. This is a lot better than the "music video" they made.

  4. Guys I did a remix of this one! It would be super dope with some feedback! Thank you 🙂 https://soundcloud.com/gabriel-elfstr-m/wolves

  5. Hey,
    we are a duo of aspiring Finnish producers and just made a fresh, bouncier remix of this track.
    Check it and the other songs out on our channel,
    I promise you that it will be worth the time!

  6. This background is actually groot's butthole

  7. I absolutely love Justin Bieber, i think he is amazing!

  8. Selena has really improved over the years, vocally. She has my respect!

  9. …so he just copy and pasted the Alone drop into this song and thought nobody would notice? This is probably the laziest shit I've ever heard.

  10. Voice of Selena and beats of Marshmello 😍

  11. The drop could be improved. I don't think it's bad at all, I liked it, but someone could make a remix with a more powerful version of it.

  12. selena gomez is joining in the mellogang

  13. Keeping it Mello with this one. 😏

  14. majority of this song is actually pretty mediocre… all in the names…

  15. Tbh this is kinda lazy garbage compared to his other music he coulda done better

  16. Selenas soothing vocals and marshmellows sweet chord progressions is like heaven! Great upload!

  17. Aaaaaauuuuuwwwww i'm a wolf and i'm eats marsmellows

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