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Provida Six Week Body Makeover Kit; Weight Loss Program

Michael Thurmond’s Six Week Body Makeover kit DVD version from Provida. Here’s what’s in the kit: 1. Custom Eating Plan (several pages with a black binder to organize it all). 2. Infinite menu planner. 3. Dining out guide. 4. Makeover meals recipe cards. 5. Personalized 18-minute body scuplting program. 6. Body Sculpting Band. 7. DVD: Precision Body Sculpting. 8. CD: In Case of Emergency. 9. CD: The Science of Eating More and Exercising Less. 10. CD: Unleashing your Body’s Fat-Burning Potential. 11. DVD: Quick Start. 12. DVD: 6 Day Mini-Makeover (Lose a dress size in 6 days). 13. Help when you need it support package with free membership. 14. Quick Start Program “Find out what foods cause your body to lose weight”. 15. Quick Start Program “Blueprinting your body step by step”Eat More
Exercise Less
Make Over your entire body exactly the way you want

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