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Hot Vita Thermo Active Hot Sweat Gel – Slimming Enhancer Workout Coconut Body Cream (6 Ounce)

Weight loss is a piece of cake with an enhancer such as the Hot Vita Thermo Active Gel. Apply it on legs, arms, waist, or under a stomach belt trainer. You can also use it under your favorite workout outfit to start burning fat and getting the best possible results.THERMO CALORIE FAT BURN: Enhance your results as if you were working out with a personal trainer! Simply burn extra calories by increasing your blood circulation and body temperature using the Hot Vita fat burner gel for men and women.
SCULPT AN AMAZING FIGURE: Belly, Waist, Legs, Arms, just select and apply to your target area and shape it with the Hot Gel. Start building your dream beach body with a natural sweat workout enhancer.
ENHANCE YOUR WORKOUTS: Increase your body temperature to sweat more, lose water weight, increase circulation, boost your workouts and obtain those sweet abs you’ve been looking for with the Hot Vita Hot Gel.
NATURAL INGREDIENTS: The Hot Vita slimming coconut cream is made with a series of natural ingredients such as coconut and jojoba seed oil that tone your body and fight cellulite. There are a lot of fat burners and weight loss creams that promise results however contain skin damaging ingredients. Our target is to give your body high quality products for exceptional and body friendly results.
SWEAT, SWEAT, SWEAT:  Sweat, sweat, sweat in your tummy area while burning fat and toxins! Just apply the lotion in circular motions throughout your stomach, begin your physical activity and start reducing sizes.

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