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BodyTransform Playlist: 5 Biggest Mistakes Made in Trap Music

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  1. My question is, should i pitch tune my snares en kick etc..?

  2. its not about 808 hahaha first thing is 808 dying

  3. That Hollywood expansion though fa-fa-fa-fire 🔥 😂

  4. All music is recycled.

    – John Lennon.

  5. Another Trap Mistake is allowing the 808 note to roll over itself by not correcting the Tail on the release envelope. Makes the beat very muddy and distorted, this can also apply to high ended drum instruments like Hi-hats and Vintage Snares with great Treble. With the release active on these instruments if you're chopping it up for rolls and glitches. The release tail can brighten the roll and the beat making your project MUCH More Sharper. Just a thought…

  6. How do you do time shift in Logic Pro x?

  7. good tutorial taught me a lot like you always do bruh, im gonna practice them a few times now, crazy how we forget the things we do as kids, like the hihats, again thank you, thank you.
    You cant square a rounded creation and thats what a label is, and every time we create a music "type" they secularize it, thats the biggest mistake, square minds making rounded things, creations. Ragtime > orchestra, Blues>country, hip-hop>any white rapper…

  8. pseudo producing at its best!

  9. I was going to hit "like" but there were 1,337 likes. I felt bad ruining it.

  10. So if melody's and other effects start to clash i should put one or two in mono?

  11. i want that 808 sample pack

  12. Damn this is amazing man, especially the part about the rolls its been kinda haunting me, im gonna watch your video on that even though you kinda explained it here, great video, thank you for sharing your knowledge!

  13. If I buy the 199.99 version do I get the 808s?

  14. Question:
    how to make time shift or time delay for get that "human-like" sound in logic pro X. to get that in rhytem. ????

  15. Maan I couldnt have said it better myself.. Getting tired of all these EDM producers making fake trap that sounds like EDM.. Trap is HIP HOP

  16. The biggest mistake in making trap music is that you're making the world's most god awful electronic genre of music. The only thing possibly more irritating to the human ear than whatever Skrillex makes.

  17. "alright let me get out of the way trap isn't a sound it has nothing to do with sound ok"
    "ok now lets tune the 808s"

  18. #6: being made still in 2017 – time for the trap genre to die! Everyone stop producing it! and get 1990s boombap hiphop back.

  19. does anyone know how to get nexus free

  20. busy, you have been real helpful for me in my hiphop trap beat creations! i started making beats about a month ago and i have been using your videos as a sort of class haha thanks for the great content!

  21. 14:05 were the quick summary of the mistakes start

  22. Time, by Snavs, is a great song, but they called it trap for some reason… yea idk either, it sounds like future bass to me.

  23. hey just wondering how can get fl studio 12 for mac im having a lot of issues

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