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BodyTransform Playlist: IF MICHAEL JACKSON MADE TRAP MUSIC [PART 2] “Billie Jean And I Dab”

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  1. I like it like a trap say

  2. he is not michel jackson he already died

  3. If Michael Jackson made drill music

  4. you destroy the character by doing this

  5. I love all the references!.

  6. hey Michael fucking trapson you will never be Michael Jackson so stop trying to be him and you look ugly in Michael Jackson outfits .I am a big fan of Michael Jackson I have 6 picture of him and a shirt.I find your video of him very stupid and not fucking funny 😈😬😈😬

  7. I guess yah upset
    .cause nobody..thought of using jerry lewis.. Elvis and them

  8. you are a fake michael jackson

  9. Beat beat on that ass. Lol. Make a whole album

  10. This song is dope everything else is to much lol

  11. bro please… im literally begging you to come out with more music and more videos.. please come to vegas and get a residency… people would pay good money to come and see this… please give us more!!!

  12. I love this song not ironically

  13. the makeup during first seconds was the best you made, use it more

  14. Michael trapson i love Billy gean and I dab great video!!

  15. trying to ruin his reputation or what bitch your a 😈

  16. This is disrespect just stop you'll never be like the real Michael Jackson

  17. why always that samona thang

  18. After watching all 7 official music videos I had to support Michael Trapson and go to ITunes and purchase the songs. I honestly think Michael Jackson would find these songs and videos entertaining. He loved his fans and supporters and Michael Trapson is not only a good impersonator but also on loyal supporter and I can definitely get behind him on that.

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