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BodyTransform Playlist: What Would Michael Jackson Do if He Made Trap Music

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  1. If Michael Jackson was still alive he would actually laugh at this and throw some shade because he's petty too in real life

  2. instead of pretty young thing it'll be pretty young thot

  3. yall hypebeasts just getting on the wave when I was here for a while.

  4. michael trapson is the truth

  5. Idk why plp so hurt about this Its not even that big of a deal at least he's trying to keep his memory alive in a respectful way it's just all fun plp need to relax and just enjoy it

  6. we need to jump trapson he will not get away with this

  7. complex got some of the dryest most boring presenters

  8. Bruce Leroy With a Jeri curl

  9. Not Michael Jackson

    Michael Trapson

  10. MJ wouln t make such a mistake!!!

  11. "Dirty Diana" would be "Dirty Sprite"

  12. Mike could learn all the dances too IJS

  13. Fuck dis shit MJ probably would have made his own genre by now., lol.

  14. the weeknd has already answered that question

  15. is he still alive confused right now ??

  16. I dont think MJ would make trap music because of his positive nature. But I think he'd love those videos and praise them.

  17. Natasha Martinez Oh My 😍😍 … If You're Reading This Reply

  18. shlaaap that fugly pause boy

  19. Sure glad they chose to upload the beautiful images of MJ!

  20. Blue Gangsta would be called Krip

  21. I like the original Michael Jackson songs better

  22. Just listen to A Perfect Storm by Hucci, that's decent MJ trap.

  23. that SHIMOA ad-lib better than the FIGAROOO one

  24. background music ???

  25. don't ever make me watch mj doing a dab while calling himself peter pan ever again

  26. MJ would be like "No!! No!! That's ignorant!!"

  27. I can't unsee this bullshit

  28. If Michael Jackson was making music right now, it would sound something like The Weeknd.

    (Not saying Michael isn't King)

  29. Every time I try to search for trap music I get shit beat box wtf what do I search for

  30. The Weeknd's "Hills Have Eyes" would be how MJ would sound over Trap Beats.. Just alot better…. Let's be real and I'm not even trying to compare him to MJ when he bit off Dirty Diana smh.

  31. Michael was waaayyy too innovative to ever follow a trend.

  32. That was terrible MJ works better with pop😍

  33. L to complex for bringing michael jackson into this ''trap music'' B.S

  34. Shit actually sounds good, I'd turn up.

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