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Jillian Michaels for Beginners – Frontside

The first step in fitness just got a little easier. Join Jillian Michaels as she takes you through six beginner circuits of cardio and strength exercises that will help to melt away the pounds and build muscle. This 43-minute workout of fun and easy exercises focuses on the muscles in …

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Weight Loss

The world is fascinated with weight loss, some for health reasons and others for cosmetic. No matter the reason, many people try harsh diets that never work, extreme exercise regimens that result in injuries or other weight loss program that end without success. The reason that none of these weight …

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A.M. & P.M. Yoga – Conditioning For Weight Loss

These exciting 25-minute programs, developed by renowned instructor Suzanne Deason, bring mind and body together into pure fitness twice a day! A.M. Yoga Conditioning for Weight Loss is a revitalizing morning workout to help you wake up, energize and set your intentions for the day. P.M. Yoga Conditioning for Weight …

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The mind of a compulsive eater is an independent entity. As such, logical steps to control compulsive eating are useless, unless interpreted with the necessary empathy. This book was written with the compulsive eater in mind, by a compulsive eater. Not an athlete, a PhD or any skinny “expert” of …

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