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Balance Ball For Weight Loss

Suzanne Deason shows you how to rebalance your fat-burning chemistry and lean muscle mass with the aid of the balance ball. The 15-minute workout routines engage more muscles, boosting calorie burn, and sculpt your abs, glutes, thighs and upper arms.Factory sealed DVD

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STOTT PILATES Weight Loss Circuit Training Level 3 DVD

This unique circuit training routine uses only your body weight to maximize results while toning the arms, legs and core. The challenging cardio intervals in between strengthening sections will boost your metabolism, burn calories and lift your spirits. Combined with proper nutrition, use this energizing workout to produce great results, …

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Tai Chi for Women: Beginner Exercises

Improve Your Health with Tai Chi. Tai Chi for Women is a simple follow-along workout for beginners. Using exercises that target women’s most common health issues, Master Helen shows you how to stay healthy, flexible, and youthful at any age. You will learn natural ways to relieve stress, improve your …

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The Best Two-Day 5:2 Diet Plan Weight Loss Recipes Cookbook Set: Fast Diet Book, Low Calorie Meals, Meals For One under 300 calories, Easy 500 Calorie … Tips (The Best 5:2 Fast Diet Recipes 6)

3 for 2 Discount Offer & What’s Inside “The Two-Day 5:2 Diet Plan Collection” 3 Cookbook Set? Book 1: Fast Diet Book & Beginners Guide (42 Recipes) Book 2: Meals For One (36 Recipes) Book 3: Low Calorie Meals & Easy 500 Calorie Diet Day Meal Plans (42 Recipes) That’s …

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Top 21 The Best Weight-Loss Diets Ever!

In this short, straight-to-the-point, zluff (zero fluff) book you will discover… Top 21 The Best Weight-Loss Diets Ever! Dear Friend,If you want to discover what weight loss diet is right for you before give it a try, then this little booklet will help. It takes about 20-30 to read it …

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