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The Best 30-Day Lower Body Workouts (The Home Workout Plan Bundle) (Volume 4)

Lower Body Workouts for 30 Days at a Time

Are you ready to get toned up, looking lean and feeling healthy fast without crazy fad diets, boring workouts and wasting time reading? Wouldn’t it be perfect to have a simple exercise routine to get your legs, butt, and core looking sexy as hell?

Then, The Best 30-Day Lower Body Workouts has your answer in 3 short books you can quickly and easily read. This collection gives you what you need now so you can stop endlessly looking around for answers about getting a firm midsection, great butt, and toned body!

In this health and fitness short read box set, you’ll get:

  • 3 fitness short read books on lower body and core development
  • Tons of lower body exercises with variations
  • Exercise ideal for anyone from the beginner to the athlete
  • Brief and straightforward instructions of each exercise
  • 3 reliable and customizable 30-day workout plans
  • Helpful guidelines and tips to get the most from your workouts
  • Full-color pictures so you don’t fly blind into your workout
  • How to Master Butt Exercises in 30 Days
  • How to Master Squats in 30 Days
  • How to Master Leg Exercises in 30 Days
  • And, so much more!

Order Your Copy NOW & Get In Shape TODAY!

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