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4 Best Workout Tips For Beginners | Tony Horton Fitness

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  1. This time I'll use Unflexal instructions to learn about workouts more 🙂

  2. I started P90X after doing a Warrior Dash.  I thought I was working out at the gym.  Boy was I wrong.  It kicked my butt.  Two months into it my sister died and I lost all motivation.  Now I'm back in the saddle and loving/hating it but I plan on sticking with it now.

  3. Hey @Tony Horton ! I've been doing P90x For about 4 years now but it's always good to go back to the basics! Thanks to your positive attitude and great sense of humor to keep me motivated through my workouts! Thanks again


  4. Do you know Tony Horton is 97 years old and looks amazing!

  5. Hey tony. I just want to tell you that you really helped me a lot, and keep up the good work. U have got urself and new fan, and subscriber 😉

  6. I'm pretty sure that I'm a little thick when it comes to these things really sinking in. Plus, as I said in "How To Get Motivated" video, you helped me discover this stupid fear of failure. These beginner steps are really great. Plus I highly recommend to anyone Tony's book "The Big Picture"…it opened my eyes to several key things that will help me get past the fear and succeed.

  7. I never looked at it that way, I always looked at it as "work" but looking at it that way sounds pretty fun

  8. hello I want to do more box jumps but dont have a good enough box to jump on is there an alternative excercise that gives you what box jumps give you? please help!!!!!

  9. Thanks, Kinda needed to hear this. 🙂

  10. thank you so much. i thought im sick because i cant workout the same pace with other girls.

  11. Hey 🙂 So yeah, I'm definitely a beginner. But my weight troubles me, and it's something I need to change. I really hope these videos help me – I can't afford to get equipment, or go to a gym or anything – but something is better than nothing. However, I'm really worried about my commitment. Sure, I can do this for a week, maybe two. But after that I'll get distracted, or I'll create excuses. You seem like a no-nonsense encouraging kind of guy, so I hope that watching your videos and using your techniques really help. I'll let you know if they do 😛

  12. Hi tony am a 55 year man do you have any suggestions for me am 5'11" and weigh 240 lbs I just got your p90x2 do you think I can it at my age ? I haven't done no exercise inmore then 30 years please help me out any suggestion thank you

  13.  Hey Tony if you read this, I just want to say the workouts are great and thanks. I have been on it for about two weeks now but I am not seeing any changes what should I do man I am getting frustrated. Please help with my nutrition and any tips would be greatly appreciated. Please I want to believe in this I need to believe in this.

  14. 2 down, 88 to go.  Not a beginner, but only been working out for 4 months.  I'm hoping to get the most results from p90x3.  So far, you're killing me, lol.

  15. P90X I Hate it…BUT i LOVE it!!!!!

  16. I dont understand anyone who doesnt appreciate his works. He's really bringing it, not just in fitness also in lifestyle!

  17. My friend Joline does all the beachbody stuff and looks amazing! I'm thinking…..I have to do this.

  18. tony u r the greatest, n u gave me the best reason to always keep going
    "do ur best n forget the rest" and "just show up" 
     the thing is i keep doing p90x and do the whole thing as much as u and the guys does expect on the pull ups thing, but i keep getting foot sprain n this is my third time, n i wanted to know what to do cuz i dont want to stop working out for a week or so. any tips plz

  19. Tony you have such a warm feels to you and u have a great funny sense of humor "whatever turns you on"
    -beginner fitness person

  20. Keep up the great work u have got me to start working out everyday thank u I'm ur biggest fan thank you

  21. Master Fitness Mentor Tony Horton is a dynamic, sincere treasure of a man.
    All his presentations are based in his own discoveries & applications. So, enjoy & look in as many of his Youtubes AS YOU CAN, you will gain from each lesson. & by all means, IF YOU CAN THEN SHARE & again ENJOY!

  22. Hi Tony, I just started p90x and after one week, I'm sore but I love it. The yoga video is so intense for me,I haven't made it all the way through it yet.
    Can you give me some advice for the ab ripper because half of those I just can not do. But I pause and try to do at least ten, then I yell at the tv cause I'm sweating my butt off. Lol.
    Also I'm not too over weight just trying to shed like thirty pounds, after I complete the first round can I just continue doing it or what would be a recommended workout routine?
    Thank you so much.

  23. Thanks for the tips Mr. T. I'm currently a fat guy making my way through P90X3 – good stuff so far! Definitely have to dumb down a lot of the moves but that's ok, I'm moving and will get there with time. Thanks!

  24. Thank you Toni for the reminder! I did itP90X! P90X2 have not done it all! : (But I've made ​​a compilation of P90X and P90X2 and practiced until my P90X3 arrived !) Now I  practice P90X3 and go all the way! Cheers man! Tnx! Greetings from Serbia!

  25. Hi Tony. You are definitely a success story and like what you are doing. I am a beginner and almost done with 2 weeks of p90x ( I call them the test weeks which i am planning to start the program for 90 days by this sunday). Now that i know of p90x3, should i start p90x3 from this sunday or p90x? i can do any one of them but like the idea of 30 minutes 🙂 but want to get super fit and willing to spend more time to reach my goal (btw i am not an athlete and overweight cause i am a computer analyst and spend most of my time with computers not with sports) but want to get super fit for heath, looks and feel. Please advice … thanks. One more thing, the test weeks for p90x was really tough but i was able to complete all the exercises some with proper form and some modified so i guess my physical level can handle intense (insane for yours) exercise.

  26. How do you use the p90x3 worksheets to keep track?

  27. Awesome workout tips. I meet many people who are afraid of P90X because it is so  intense. I let them know that they are doing this for themselves and they can modify and go at their own pace–the beauty of using a workout video is that you can hit pause when you need to. The key thing to remember that fitness is a "life long journey" you just need to get started and keep moving forward.


  28. This is so true. I was very determined to get out of this shell.It wasn't a true representation of who I am. Now I have been morbidly obese all my life. So this was a scary change. I knew it was going to be work. I made the changes to be selfish and I am putting the work in. Its been four weeks I work out every day (because I found I love to workout) and I am doing Insanity,T25,and Rockin Body. T25 is my primary while the others keep me challenged and unbored. Rotation is key for me. I went from being so scared to workout and the intensity level these workouts seemed to display. Now I am focused on my fitness level.Remember whatever you do,you are doing better than sitting on the couch. I just got P90X3. I watch the first video while cycling. I have total confidence this is going to be the perfect hybrid after T25 with Insanity. I cannot wait.
    Peace Elizabeth.
    MFP: VivaciousElizabeth

    Habits are made if you do it every day.

  29. Tommy Tith from Las Vegas thank u for everything u do Tony Horton U R An Amazing human being! 👍

  30. You make my day tony. Thanks for the motivation

  31. Even the exercise veterans can benefit from some of your tips. Thank you.

  32. Nice tips Tony! I'm not a beginner but your tips apply to everyone. Loving p90x3 so far by the way!

  33. Thanks tony!! I will get it done… no mater what:)

  34. TONY MY GURU….I STARTED WITH YOUR FIRST SERIES P90X and currently i am trying p90x3….your awesome…and i want to meet you once.may GOD listen to my wish.

  35. I am 16 years old and I have started last week and I love it!

  36. Great words of wisdom Tony as always.

  37. Excited to start P90X3 soon this time will be more exciting since my husband will be doing it too!!!  Any other couples out there doing it or about to start P90X3?  

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