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5 min-ish – Ballet Abs Workout – for beginners | Lazy Dancer Tips

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  1. plank-ish ab workout always give me harsh lower back pains 🙁 don't even have strong ab/back muscles to hold plank variations…do yo have any suggestion for that?

  2. Can I mix and match the routines any way I want to build up my workout routines or is there an specific order you suggest?

  3. my arms can't handle this

  4. can you do more of this please ^^

  5. Great workout! I love how you focus on 2-3 workouts only at a time. Quick question – I feel this in my core , which is good, but I also feel some pain in my lower back. Am I doing something incorrectly! Thank you again for your videos – you are like the sunshine in our lives!

  6. I had a very fun moment !
    Thank you very much for your nice and positives videos !

  7. Another awesome one – I LOVE following this one along! XO

  8. "Think about butterflies…sun is shining" – I'm usually cursing trying to get through abs, but not now! Love it, thank you!

  9. Thank you so much for this! It will help me get back on track with my bellydance training!!!<3 Something I have had to put to the side the past few months. I AM READY!!!

  10. Thanks a lot for these tips. They are really helpful. Love your channel.

  11. I love these workouts! 🙂 Subscribed as well <3

  12. j'ai twettée 🙂 have a godd day 🙂

  13. ouch!!same again tomorrow lol

  14. sun is shining abs are burning 😂

  15. Thanks! I got back in track after 20 years of not doing ballet. You got me excited about it

  16. Awesome just like all the abs :)! Any total body coming out? 🙂 A.

  17. Awesome! I just stumbled on your channel on my daily hunt for all things ballet/dance. Yaaaay! I look forward to using your videos! Love your title and opening- too cute! I totally get it.

  18. 'think about BUTTERFLIES'

    haha, love the positivity, alessia 🙂 subscribed!

  19. omg! im so tired! amazing workout

  20. i love every single video. Kisses from Florence ( Italy)

  21. Finally a easy able to do workout that I can do more than once per week

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