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5 Mistakes that you might be doing in Gym | Workout Tips

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  2. brother as i informed you earlier i work in night shift, can i go to gym in the morning after office hours and go to sleep after work out.

  3. Thanks bhai.. Thank you for everything.

  4. Your videos are always so informative. Going to subscribe

  5. Knowledge tou hai bhai
    Par thodi khud v body bna loo

  6. Make a video for abs workout???

  7. Really!! Are you sure we have to drink water in between the exercises?? Because I didn't hear this anywhere. Please clarify.

  8. The wooden background looks very nice!πŸ‘

  9. Very informative videos..
    Keep up the good work 😊

  10. tricks to increse leg length?

  11. Bro no doubt you have many knowledge.
    And bhot sari tips maine khud apnayi hai
    But bro firstly make a body self for giant subscriber

  12. Hello Vivek and thanks for these amazing videos!!!
    I have a question. You said that we should keep ourselves hydrated between the exercises. But in "how to drink water" video you said as the body gets warmed up while eating.. we should not drink water at that time. So doesn't our body heat up during the gym? Or after a sport or running should we drink water or not? Please explain. Thank You again.

  13. I remember one of your video of gym schedule routine like when to do cardio, abs and weight training.. but unable to find that now in your videos.. can you please share the link here?

  14. thanku so much .
    i always found your viedos helpful

  15. To the point tips!! Thank you Vivek! πŸ™‚

  16. Hi can you do a gym routine for girls?

  17. Good tips..😊😊😊😊

  18. Please include English subtitles.

  19. Please make videos in only english please

  20. very gud videos …helping a lotttt ..

  21. I can't understand anything in Hindi 😨

  22. ur videos are very helpful but please talk n English or give subtitles

  23. bhai me ego nai hai replys every1 n thas a gentleman quality….so I subscribe ur channel

  24. Your content is really good. Saw a few of your videos… an also, subscribed! πŸ™‚

  25. not to hate bt 4 5 saal me aise body yar bilkul impressive nhi h. build some more muscles then cut maybe .

  26. Please leg ka workouts bateya

  27. Bhai tu mass gainer Kha phele

  28. he gives quite useful and manageable tips .. subbing him was a good decision for me

  29. very simple yet very informative… i really follow ur advices. loved ur peanut butter recipe… keep it up…
    love from Pakistan

  30. Y he jump from right to left

  31. Bhai. breakfast ke baad zim kar sakhta hu ya nahi Bhai.

  32. fine stuff mate. keep it as fluent as possible, meanwhile informative, which u are doing
    dear plz guide us about protein powders n other supplements. We'll b much grateful. Thanks.

  33. Will one hour cardio help initially for weight loss

  34. bhai πŸ’œ , please ek video side fat k liye bhi πŸ™πŸ™
    3 mahine se laga hu ja hi nai rhaa πŸ˜“πŸ˜•

  35. I have been working out for last 4 months . I had reduced my weight but my belly fat is still there . I workout for abs now on a daily basis. Could you help please help me on this ?

  36. this guy is the best among the young fitness youtubers…. also worth watching…. nyc content bro

  37. good job Vivek, Ur videos are so informative

  38. plz video for lower back dead left bnado

  39. jo gym join karte hai unke liye kya deit hona chaiye????

  40. Hi Vivek, I checked most of your videos and liked it all. I have question w.r.t this video – You are saying that during work out we should have water, but I read that in yoga it is not good to have water as it cool downs the fire in us. Does each exercise have its own do's and don'ts?

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