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6 Tips For Bigger Forearms & More Grip Strength! | FULL FOREARM WORKOUT INCLUDED!

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  1. that is the strangest vest ive ever seen

  2. thick Brooklyn accent "hard R's"

  3. Workout your grip strength once a week??

  4. "uppa orms"……"hadda"…

  5. This video is super amazing. My forearms have gotten bigger and have more definition now. I love the results my friend! Thank you for your amazing wealth of knowledge and your videos. Keep up the great work! 🙂

  6. Scott please get RID OF THAT GAY ASS SHIRT! REALLY !

  7. I have some problems in my right wrist and it makes it very weak. I went to physical therapy and my doctor says its ok to start working out again, but after not using it for a while its very easy to sprain and in the wrong positions it will just randomly start giving oit all together and if what im holding is heavy. Its really holding me back. When i used to do rock climbing it was getting a lot better and my ankle got all of its strength back, but i no longer live near a climbing gym.

  8. "Youre not here to sexually arouse the other dumbbells and barbells"lmfo

  9. You have literally small forearms and small traps

  10. Thank you awesome Tips 👍🏼

  11. I'm not American, all Americans have the same accent to me. especially when they all say wader instead war-ter.

  12. My girl wants me to get bigger forearms so I can finger blast her harder and longer, thanks for the tips!

  13. Is arm wrestling all in the forearms??

  14. Why would the fact that calves and forearms are subjected to frequent low-intensity contractions throughout the day make them more adaptable to direct, intense training, relative to any other body part? I'm not seeing the cause and effect here.

  15. oxi clean will get the tough stains out!

  16. Keep in mind that there's a risk of ulnar nerve damage when doing wrist curls. I started doing them a couple of months ago and built some muscle in my forearms, but now I get mild pain in my wrists and I'm looking into alternatives. Maybe I've been overdoing it by working them twice a week and increasing the load on a weekly basis. Still, it's concern because I never get that kind of pain unless I do wrist curls. I wouldn't want to cause permanent damage.

  17. Stop Jerkin?!?! of wait the barbell ok I can do that

  18. The only kind of wrist wrap I use are the ones to support some wrist damage I got a few months back (not gym related) – I get severe wrist pain when there's a lot of pressure on my right hand – the worst thing is when I have heavy weight in my hand and my wrist is at an angle, like in dumbbell nose breakers. So far I've never had to use wrist wraps to go around the bars, but we'll see once I get to enough weight that I have to…

  19. It wouldn't be SMAAHT to lower the weight

  20. I'm from same area..his accent is thick..

  21. How often do you do this workout? Only on arm day or what?

  22. Reasons why i subscribed: that strong Boston accent and funny yet serious. Nice work

  23. what do you think about a PowerBall? I always use it before playing guitar as a warm up and it burns like crazy.

  24. 3:54 one of the best exercises for this

  25. I like to superset barbell curls and wrist curls to get a huge pump throughout my whole arm

  26. That neckline is deeper than the hole left in your soul when daddy left.

  27. great video! !! but why is your for arms so small?

  28. What size would you recommend for the bar grips, 2.0 or 2.5?

  29. you talk like a minda oh wait you are

  30. What's a bahbell??? I'm just being a smartass.

  31. thanks for this video scott!

  32. Hammer curls, wrist rollers, and heavy farmer's walks do the trick for me………..

  33. I'm 15 and can deadlift 325 no issue, so all you guys need to start working out grip a lot more

  34. What bar grips (or a thicker bar) has done for me is help me get more strength when doing pull/chin ups. Also helps me cheat less by flexing to cheat reps, which is so hard for me to notice.

    Gonna start adding those barbell wrist curls/extensions too.

  35. Hi scott, I have noticed that I do not close my fists with some exercises e.g seated chest press machine- I keep my palms open. What effect can this have on forearm strength?

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