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7 Skincare Tips You Should Be Doing BEFORE & AFTER Your Workout!

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  1. what shade do you use on your brows??

  2. I loved your previous videos..but now you use too much products that bores me up…like who agrees👆👍

  3. Waaw,.. thank you for this video,..

  4. Jennifer please help me I have the worst scar it is about the size of a gumball maybe a bit smaller I got it from a infection please help me girl!!! P.s. I love your videos great work keep it up

  5. Hi i want a suggestion i have my teenage going on i my face is full of pimples please give me a suggestion because i am really tired of trying things

  6. I'd love to see your workout routine. Could you do a video sometime?

  7. you sooooo pretty chiuuu 😍💕

  8. recipe for the green drink???

  9. Jennn! Work out routine please! (:

  10. Pls share the recipe of the nutrient drink!

  11. your videos are so amazing and helpful!!!

  12. You should partner up with blogilates

  13. I love this type of short videos because they go straight to the point and also are really funny! 💙

  14. My skin has an oily t zone but my face is dry and flaky all over (even where it's oily) how can I fix this?

  15. Just watching this vid made me feel healthy LOL

  16. love your skin care video sooooo much!!

  17. Please male a workout video! I've been trying to work out for months but I'm too lazy 😩🙏🏼

  18. This is perfect for me since I exercise every day! I never know what to do. 😄

  19. What kind of drinks was that? Ingredients?

  20. Thanks for the tips! I just started going back to the gym too, so great timing! Do you wash your hair after every workout or do you use dry shampoo?

  21. Hi Jen
    What's the green juice your having

  22. Loved the video, awesome tips to help my workouts be even better. Thanks

  23. Thank yooouu😩❤️❤️ u slayyyy

  24. Hey Jenny love your videos what made you decide to do Youtube? Can you make a video on that please?

  25. Loved the video. Your videos are so refreshing and motivating.

  26. I've been waiting for this!!!!!!!!!

  27. Love your channel!!!! And you go girly!!!
    Fantastic YouTube


  29. Tooo good.. Can u make a video on dat green juice dat u drank?? 😁😁

  30. makeup recommendations for 14 years old?????

  31. Pls do a video of how to prevent and remove Sun tan,pls pls

  32. chui bear your the best i love your videos

  33. I love your videos you are best youtuber ever

  34. Who else feels naked without their brows on? 🙋🏻
    Thumbs up if you wanna see more workout videos!👍🏻
    I LOVE YOU GUYS! xo ❤️

  35. Amazing video….lv ur all videos😚

  36. i dont workout but i always look forward to your videos! 🙂

  37. i don't know why but i feel your channel is underrated. You deserve more subscribers. ❤❤ keep up the efforts. Love you Jen ❤

  38. i workout 6 days a week. so cannot wash hair every time after workout.. so what should i do to take care of hair??

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