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Aamir Khan’s Gym Bodybuilding Workout Tips For DANGAL

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  1. Amir bhai kuch bhi ho log kuch bhi kahen lekin aapki jo zid hoti hai usko salaam.

  2. Amir, please stop taking steroids.

  3. mr. perfectionist wow…….

  4. I think he is on steroids… not much to argue…

  5. is chutiya ne itni.jaldi body karli aur dosro kha raha hai
    sala dabaa kha raha hai

  6. his earing like bat lololol fix them mother fucker

  7. superb personality and very down to earth.

  8. Buff … even his ears have been lifting weights.

  9. sultan se Hatke hogi Amer moive

  10. what happened to his face now hes eyes coming out

  11. aamir sir please do not go in kapil sharma show for promotion your picture like other stars because you are diffent …………….aap sabse aalag hai sirji…

  12. very honest very very nice

  13. is this sultan type movie?

  14. Can anyone please let me know the title of the music used in the beginning of the video and the name of the artist or band as well?

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