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After School Night Routine: Stress-Free, Workout, Study Tips

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  1. I always run after school, but because my only device is a iPad I cannot fit it in my pocket so I only run 2Km a day because I don’t have any motivational music. No hate I’m 11

  2. i’d love for the beach to be my backyard

  3. She has been in my life and death and you know you were going for you guys were awesome in my room for you guys were awesome last week was in my

  4. I watched your video after re-watched some old Britany's and as recommended by her I really like you and I am going to watch more from you <3

  5. Hi Danielle Can you help me with a problem

  6. what about homeworks?i didnt saw you doing homeworks

  7. how can you directly do your homework directly after school!???
    I can never do that

  8. Love the routine – but you're in bed at 1 am!!

  9. I think this is a good chance

  10. Who is watching this is in 2017

  11. Was I the only one who noticed what happened in 3:11

  12. I absolutely loved the part where you just threw in p diddy 😅

  13. i like your channel and your videos…. btw what course are you taking up? does your outfit have something to do with your course?

  14. and then there's me who study all day…

  15. 2 minutes introduction😓

  16. that moment when u actually find her dance moves impressive cos ur shit at dancing and then she apologises for it…

  17. does anyone know what type of earphones she is wearing near the end when she is on the comp i rly like those type but idk what they r answer if u do pls!

  18. idk how people have time to work out or to do yoga or watch tv AND play on the phone/computer AND do homework. it always blows my mind.

  19. It'sactually just like my night "routine" damn😍❤

    Except for this gorgeous view while you stretched 😱

  20. watching your videos always make my day better

    -insert african viner guy voice

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