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Anorexia, Lifestyle Change Tips + My Workout Routine | Elesa Anthony

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  1. U said woman what about the men

  2. What keeps me going? The numbers dropping on the scale✨

  3. your eyebrows are goals!!!!

  4. I searched up anorexia nervosa for a project in health….. this video came up.

  5. I can't get my sister out of my life

  6. Loving the makeup look in the intro.

  7. GIRL!! DO NOT WORK OUT WITH YOUR MAKE UP ON!! It's actually super bad for your skin, so make sure to remove it all before going to the gym! http://www.instyle.com/news/ok-exercise-wear-makeup-gym-workout

  8. Ugggg im just gonna be hounest ive tried everything but not eating im doing cheerleading in one week and the coutumes are crop tops and im not fat but im not skinny so i dont know what to do and i eat healthy i promise yet i way 100 pounds

  9. I'm trying to look what works for me 💖
    Btw, I just made a Perth haul on my channel and really hope some of you guys who read this would come and support my channel 🙈 thank you!!

  10. can you make a video with this make.up ?

  11. this video honestly motivated me

  12. I love you, you're so pretty, happy and positive.

  13. she's so pretty i almost cried watching this

  14. I'm korean girl, and I really love you.. I want to live like you!! You are my favorite youtuber!! I'm not good at English so please ignore some uncorrect things❤️

  15. beautiful sentiments in this vid <3

  16. are u really anorexia ? i have an eating disorder

  17. i love this video, thank you so much 🙂

  18. first video and i already love you so much haha

  19. this helped so much. my parents just got a membership and I am so motivated. thanks

  20. you talk too much but I like ur style

  21. Can you actually post a workout routine? Like number of reps, types of exercises, etc

  22. what do have post workout?

  23. I love you girl you are just fucking amazing and I really love this vídeo ❤

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