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Ballet Barre Fitness workout | Lazy Dancer Tips

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  1. a good quick workout that also got my heart going. we'll not mention how awful my attitudes are! You helped me get up and exercise coming off a tiring week. thx for all these videos.

  2. so much fun! thank you❤️🌸 and I don't even dance

  3. Love this series!! Fun and a great workout!!

  4. LOVE THIS ONE!!! I feel taller!

  5. I just love ballet workouts! Even when you're about to drop your leg, you have to remember about bellet grace! ) It differs a lot from clissical fitness, that's why I come back to ballet workouts again and again ) Thank you for sharing your experience!

  6. I don't know how I missed this and I gave it a thumbs up??? Maybe I had to leave the room while watching and didn't pause?? Anyway, I love all of the plie in the beginning. It's a lot. This whole thing's a great workout so I was right about the thumbs up Thank you 🙂

  7. I cant thank you enough, you are changing me inside and out you are here with me making sure I get it done 💖 im here loyal every day following along sweating for the wedding fighting overweight !!

  8. my upper body has beads of sweat all over! i apologize if that's too much info…basically i'm saying this is pretty intense. normally i'd give up on such a workout when it gets harder but you seemed so cheerful and energetic that i couldn't give up.
    you're the coach we all need when we're down!

  9. You're too awesome!!! your work outs are just what I need to stay in shape with the added bonus that my ballet skills stay sharp and also improve

  10. i found myself smiling back at you! Love your speed and directness as well as the workout. Thank you for my soar legs as I work to get my dancer body back 🙂

  11. Thank you for this amazing workout ♥ I wonder if you could do more full body fitness workouts, they are very helpful for me in process of getting in shape 🙂

  12. sooooo..can't make it through this video!!! tomorrow is another day.lol

  13. Have you considered using a real ballet barre in your videos?

  14. You're Amazing! I haven't dance properly danced for a year and I'm trying to get my strength back and tone up, I'll be watching your videos every day by the looks of it! I love your little motivational moments in your videos! Makes me wanna keep going!

  15. ooh that was nice and hard!!! lots of fun as well xx

  16. incredible!!!! thank you so very much!!! just finished it!!!!!

  17. 15 minutes, that's all I could do for this first time! But I'll come back tomorrow. Hopefully I can finish this entire workout soon!
    Thank you very much for all these awesome workouts!

  18. Hi Alessia : Volevo te rispondere, ma è impossibile perché non ho più accesso a quel video (A perché, no sai ma è strano, se l'hai cancellato?) Scusami, scrivo in italiano peggio de mio inglese ^^
    Un sacco di baci <3 Magali

  19. I love this workout – thanks 🙂

  20. Gosh. This is an amazing workout. I thought I had strong legs until I did this. 😂 Hope to see more from you! ❤️

  21. Thanks ! You're so nice🤗👏👏👏👏😜

  22. I love it!!!!
    sooooooooooo~~~ good~
    thank u♥

  23. I have a question I have like a month using point and I still need to know kinda how to stand on the full box on the point it's kinda hard for me being in ALL the box

  24. Loving all these although I'm not a dancer. More of what you do!!

  25. Thank you so much for the video!!!!!!!<3 I love your workout video sooooo much! Could you make more barre bar work out video? I feel like your barre workout videos really work!!!! Thanks💕

  26. Hi Alessia ^^
    Sun is shining today and it was a wonderful moment to spend outside, making exercises with your video! This one was quite tough for me…That's why I loved it! Great job! have a great sunny day too, over there!

  27. love your video! is 10h15 pm and I just finished the exercise! thank you very much for sharing your talent!

  28. I love your channel, I love your videos, you are so good at doing this and thank you for uploading 😀 from México 😀

  29. I LOVE your videos!! So much fun to follow along! Thank you!

  30. I love your videos so much!
    Please do a more advanced ballet barre and also a center work video. (≧∇≦)/

  31. This was a fun and exciting workout! I was wondering if you could be a full Ballet Barre and Center class. I would really appreciate it, I'm getting back into ballet after a long break(since my Grandpa passed away). I've been looking for a good Ballet Channel for a while then I found you and i love your videos, they inspire me to get back into dance. I just wanted to let you know, you are my idol and you inspire me to be stronger and remind me to stay positive. Thank you!!! 💙 💙 💙

  32. Hi ! Thanks for this great video, but I've question, is it more important to keep the right posture or to have high legs ? thanks !

  33. Like you so much! So positive!!!)))

  34. This was so much fun, but I don't think I will be able to walk tomorrow!

  35. wow…that is sweaty….got to do it more often for better coordination, but that is great again! go on like that! it is such fun….can't wait for further ones…😥😘🐺

  36. I love, love your videos! Thank you!

  37. My muscles are crying! In a good way, of course. Thanks for a great workout!!

  38. Hello, last week I didn't had my ballet class … So, this is exactly what I need ! I just did it and it was perfect 😉 . bye (from france)

  39. lol im going to ballet class in like 5 minutes 😊😄

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