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Barre Abs Fitness Workout | Lazy Dancer Tips

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  1. I really do love your mood , its soo contagious 🙂

  2. Love this ab workout with stretch!!! And love your cat…I have a few fur buddies who exercise with me at home!


  4. Love your classes. Found you last week and been doing them every day since.

    I cannot find adagio's floor work though. Do you have any of those videos.
    And more versions of classical barre that lasts over 50 minutes.
    I did the 1 "Classical Full Ballet Barre" – 51:57min, but looking for others that length. Everything else I see are under 30 min.

  5. dear dearest great dancer Malissa, you are gorgious and we loved your classes very much. .
    one request only , please please hold you cut out of the frame

  6. Okay – I just finished the workout and though I may not be able to walk tomorrow (kidding) it was completely wonderful. BTW, than you for your response to my question about reducing boobage. I am continuing with the arm exercises and can fell my whole upper body tighten. Thank you so much for these videos. You are the best!!!!

  7. Almost died!!! But I feel happy!! 😂

  8. I love your video and love your cat, too!💜

  9. You're killing me. But I love it. Great workout! My eveything is on fire haha.

  10. i can't take my eye of your cat :)))))

  11. this was so hard! or i'm so weak right now! or both! been using your videos a lot lately. thanks for the great resources!

  12. Hi Alessia, I LOVE this workout! I just have a question about the last movement. Should my supporting leg be in parallel or in first position? I found it very difficult to keep balance in first position. Just want to confirm I am doing it right. Thanks! <3

  13. @lazydancertips plz back workout

  14. Omg. Look at that happy kitty!

  15. That was hard, I agree with the hip flexor comments. The cat is adorable, my cat tried to sit on my chair but I sent him flying when we changed sides.

  16. Your work is amazing! And your cat is absolutely lovely!!!!

  17. I adore your cat and I love your videos. Keep them coming!

  18. Hi Alessio – Your vids are amazing! I follow one each morning before going to work and feel awesome the rest of the day.

    I have one question on this particular vid though – during the routine, I could feel the burn in my hip flexors(joints bet thighs and upper body) and not in the abs. Am I doing something wrong?

  19. Omg you are adorable! Thanks for teaching a fellow cat lady some barre. I have no clue about anything ballet as of yet but always wished Id learned. Thanks again 🙂

  20. love your funny lines, ha. fan from Taiwan

  21. Your cat is so well behaved. My cat swipes and bites my hands when on the chair : )

  22. I'm new here and already love your vids

  23. Ciao Alessia , im a middle age woman but i like your exercises so much ,, i know is so later for me but i try to do it ,,, COMPLIMENTI YOUR VIDEOS ARE FAVOLOUS

  24. This workout is amazing!!! I felt that my legs were also dying hahahahaha, I love the fact that when the exercises get harder, you also are out of breath, that's refreshing!!

  25. Ohn Thank you!!!! You're wonderful!

  26. I just LOVE your videos, Alessia!! It's so hard to go on when the body hurts, but with your cool attitude I do my best and keep going!! Thank you!!
    I am ballet adult beginner, by the way. Always wanted to do ballet!! I'm so happy and your videos are helping me a lot to gain body strength and better posture 🙂

  27. Thanks you so much for this video and your 5 minute ab workout! I try to do them everyday but it useally doesn't work! Your cats so cute!

  28. Holy moly, did it for the first time today and woah those were some great and sweaty 14 minutes. Absolutely enjoyed it though, because of your unique positivity. Your workouts are the perfect addition to build strength besides my usual ballet classes. Thank you so much! 🙂

  29. This is so great! and your cat is so funny!

  30. This is my favourite! Thank you

  31. I did it twice, after all three of you 5 minutes-ish abs maybe it's because I have rollers on my chair? I don't know. I don't think my core is that strong haha

  32. I don't feel anything when I do this….help?

  33. Hello ! C'est dur, c'est beau, je fais ! Belle journée à vous 🙂

  34. Goooood morning Ale
     ^^ I wanted to change a little bit Usually I don't work my abs as they are already strong enough but finally I found that it good for back as well! Grazie di tutto!! Un grande bacione Mag 🙂

  35. you are the best i lol five times and that is a keeper workout for me

  36. Excellent! Very nice channel, thank you very very very much! <3

  37. is this workout only lose belly fat?

  38. I have been trying to work out why you call them Lazy Dancer Tips! That totally caned, in a good way!…. Or is it because I am the lazy dancer?

  39. You had me moving in all sorts of awkward positions hahaha. And this is a total body killer! I like your kind of evil 😉 Happy New Year Alessia.

  40. So very very good…and hard! Loved it. The evil!!

  41. Sei carinissima e bravissima Alessia! I love your cat! Love from Hong Kong.

  42. Windsor is the man! Love him in your great videos Alessia

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