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Barre Workout for Calves and Ankles | Lazy Dancer Tips

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  1. Great workout! Thanks for sharing!!!

  2. Does this help slim the calves? Thanks

  3. You have a nice Am. E accent and gorgeous legs!
    I listen to you to improve my English too!

  4. I have stick legs , can this exercice makes my culves bigger ?

  5. "Engage your abs and bum"

    But they don't want to be married!

  6. Could you please do workout for upper knee zone?

  7. will this help me lose my muscular calf? i mean one of my calves is bigger than the other bcs of that damn muscle. please reply my comment :((

  8. My calves are very warm. Thanks for the workout.

  9. Thank you very much. I wanted worjouts that make me feel alive, and resilient, and youve done them.:) I wish you all the bests.:)

  10. I call my warrior 1's lunges because of the "war" word peace.

  11. Love all your workouts! My muscles become more toned than ever! Cheers from me xoxo

  12. hi 😊could this make my calves slim?

  13. Lazy Dancer Tips Ciao Alessia, just tried this one this morning (and rediscovered my gluts 😮). I like that it's short and sweet for a back in shape. I can pick one or two if I want.

  14. The most struggled ten minutes of my life! Hahahaha! Thanks, Alessia! It's awesome!

  15. Can you make a video of sort of an under 30 minute cardio workout?Been doing this one during my break at work

  16. Hello! So I was wondering how many times a week I should do this workout to improve my ankles as fast as possible without overworking the muscles 💪. Thanks again and in love with this channel!💖💝✨✨✨

  17. I am so glad that I found this channel.I am just beginning ballet and I want to be prepared.This channel provides a lot of things I need.Thank you so much for making all of these helpful videos.

  18. Omg just what I nedeed! Totally in love with your channel

  19. this is truly amazing💙💙💙😘

  20. I just found your channel and I like your personality a lot. Usually I like cardio or yoga, but your workouts are good for staying in shape also?

  21. excellent exercises, charm me ☺

  22. Adoro sempre di più i tuoi video!

  23. Great workout! Thighs next time please? Thanks.

    Sending love from the Philippines

  24. Yu-uuuuh!
    Ho già detto che amo la tua solarità? 😀

  25. thank you A lessia. love tout énergie!!

  26. I actually needed that especially since I want to improve my releves and I desperately want to be on pointe for years to come Thank you for uploading this

  27. Yes Alessia! Finally more ankle exercises!!!

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