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Beginner Workout Tips for Making Gains – Q&A ASK ANYTHING!

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  1. 12:10 he wants to fuck you 😂..sounds like heavily breathing paedophile

  2. john you're a fucking beast!!!

  3. "If your in the gym more than 90 mins your wasting your time" people really believe this b/s? Pro athletes train for hours upon hours a day,Arnold spent countless hours in the gym each day perfecting his body. Bodybuilding is like anything else in life,you get out of it what you put into it.

  4. tregg looks like a hench daniel radcliffe 😛 john how tall are you, i thought you looked about 5'11ish but u look bigger here.

  5. it's funny how John has the movie channel but he's way bigger than the actual personal trainer

  6. cocaine is how you become thin in an instant.

  7. Looks like a faze clan logo

  8. You guys messed me all up when you switched places; my worthless brain had a difficult time getting used to that. I don't work out myself, but this video was nonetheless thoroughly entertaining.

  9. Affleck was 230 pounds as Batman.

  10. this guy is the freaking hulk!!

  11. how did they send him snaps? what's his sc?

  12. Hi John im a new subscriber ( probably since October 2015 ) , I a pretty heavy person, 5 feet 8 and 103kg….. like heavy as fuck. And i think i have learned something through this video. So fucking cool, wish me the best haha

  13. John i was wondering what is your height???

  14. Would a can of Rockstar make a suitable pre-workout?

  15. When john is questioned about having a lady friend he laughs, tregg is his lady friend

  16. 4 months into lifting and the noobs gains are glorious!
    If people want motivation/inspiration to get started at the gym, remember this…… You will make gains fast early on. You will change your physique quickly if you stay consistent. Go get them gains son!

  17. Well he was actually wrong in the Ben Affleck part, he was fucking huge on the movie.

  18. I'm trying to get more bulky. What should I do?

  19. How do you lower your time on your mile

  20. I wouldn't wish sciatic pain on my worst enemy. If you gotta workout at home, Athlean is a wicked workout program – best at home gains I ever got.

  21. holy shit look at his arms!!!!i got that out now

  22. ur friend seems really cool😀👍😁!

  23. Did he talk about hitting a plateau?

  24. Im sure I saw you at the gym today, Fort Wayne ymca? I was the really scrawny kid who looked like he didn't know what he was doing.

  25. You should totally try to collab with Dom Mazzetti, I'd fucking love to see that

  26. Hey John Flicky! Do you ever get topless boob pics from girls on your SnapChat Q&A's sessions? Let's be honest, we ALL wanna know. Shout me OUT! Love the show! Buying a shirt of yours too!

  27. Hey bro, what's your take on calisthenics?

  28. Tregg, how long are your workouts usually?

  29. Shoulder Shrugs will get better bench press.

  30. keep up the great work 🙂 you guys keep me motivating to do my workout!

  31. I'm glad I'm not the only one who is fine eating pizza once a week and not giving af because I know I'll be working out. I swear I only workout so I can eat whatever I want – Da Lyfe.

  32. Exactly, Mr Hyde is the only PWO that has ever "worked" for me. I buy the "green apple" flavor and it's actually good.

  33. Johm, have you heard the Batman V Superman score by Hans Zimmer and Junkie XL titled "Their War Here" it's pretty sweet.

  34. Hey John do you mind if I send you a picture of me so you could tell me what I should work on

  35. reivew on contact the movie 1997 and think you a up a good work .

  36. soooo agree! Tom Hardy in warrior!

  37. hey john ever heard of adventure time or regular show ? do you like it? However i realy enjoy youre flick trips and i actualy watch this chanel more than youre main one.

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