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Best tip for building your bum faster – Real time workout

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  1. what about the gluteus minimus?

  2. how many days/weeks do you have to do this workout before your butt starts getting big for a newbie??

  3. Thanks alot am going 2 do that exocise how many times should I do exocise to see the result pls reply bbye .

  4. Hi Lyzabeth! I am a new subscriber to your page. Do you have a waist shrink video? Also, how many day a week should I work on my bum? Lol

  5. Best brand ankle/wrist weights recommended especially for comfort?!

  6. This is harder than it looks, especially the last exercise

  7. When I do the first exercise, I feel it more towards my lower glutes instead of the top. What am I doing wrong?

  8. She is so good, love her butt work outs

  9. Hey there i started to watch your videos yesterday i Love it u r so cute and u motivating very well. U r the first fitness person who explains in details God bless U. Gonna follow your exercises and etc. xoxo

  10. Ok so am at the gym right now and just finished through out my workout and I did this last so yes I can totally feel the burn 🔥🔥🔥🔥

  11. So glad I found you. I like that you are ethnic. I am an African American female and I naturally have a full butt and full DD breast-…so the curves were God-given……I like that you are not a TOOTHPICK trying to show me how to keep my beautiful butt, firm and round. Good job and I am glad I found you. We have these awesome bodies in common.

  12. Can you demonstrate lat/back exercises to get an illusion of a smaller waist?

  13. Just finished doing this workout for the first time, and omg I definitely feel the glutes burning. I never comment on things like this, but I just had to. I will now add this into my daily workout routine, and I can't wait to see the results! 😊

  14. She is full of confidence I think I trust he ,cause I just found out that squats don't works🙅 if this really work may god bless you with evey thing in life🙏🙏

  15. this is just activation how to build?? tell completely plz

  16. can I do this 30 mins before my workout? It takes me 30 mins to get to school/gym and I have about 40 mins to get a good workout in before I have to get ready for class. Will those 30 mins in a car "deactivate" my muscles?

  17. Currently binging on your videos. You are always so informative Lyza, thanks loads for helping us ladies of all shapes & sizes to exercise better. Much looove from Malaysia! 😘

  18. So, you should do this every time before cardio to help your butt grow better?

  19. Question ..can you just do the glutes activation & that would help grow your butt ?

  20. How do I know if my glutes are activated? I feel a burn but it’s mostly on my hamstrings. I flex and contract as I’m doing the workouts. Thanks

  21. Hi 👋
    How many day a week do I need to workout on my butt? Because I'm a beginner?

  22. Can you do a full body workout routine for teens who are trying to get an hourglass figure???

  23. Can you help me build my butt

  24. Thank you for this!!! I felt more burn in all the right places from just this activation warm up than a full hour long heavy lifting session! 💗💗💗 Love your vids!! Keep them coming 😊

  25. Hii I love your work…how do you keep the discipline?…cause it generally gets hard to be consistent ..please help!

  26. Please do a video on bust workout. On toning and lifting bust. Thnx

  27. I've never done glute activation before. I did this before leg/booty day and the weights that I'm normally challenged by felt quite easy. I even added 5kg! Will definitely be doing this before every leg/booty workout <3

  28. JUST AMAZING!!! You're awesome and so informative!!!!

  29. Sometimes, you look like the ice queen from the series Once upon a time 🙂 great workouts ❤️ greats from Belgium 😍

  30. guys what are the best brand of booty bands ad where do you get them from?

  31. This really really works for me!! Thankyouuuu sooo much😩❤️ but the only problem is that I stop after doing that and I do like 15 squats after is that bad ?

  32. Please more booty workouts. Because you're workouts are actually killing me

  33. Hi, I love how detail you're in your exercise tutorial. I love watching your videos.
    Just want to ask if it's possible to gain butt even though you're skinny? For how long?thank you

  34. What's the point of doing that before sprints? Will it help not to loose your muscle/fat?

  35. Can you recommend the number of reps for beginners? I was struggling getting to 25 reps on each exercise.

  36. I feel like this is really working for me , I've been doing this for 4 weeks now and I can see a big difference than doing it without glute activation

  37. What are your stats. How tall are you? How much do you weight? What are your measurements? Your waist is so small!!!

  38. how do you know if your core is tight if you have flab there still?? fyi I just started working on my body

  39. How I can gain thighs nd legs

  40. where did you get your ankle weights from? And what is the weight of them?
    love your videos btw!

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