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Best Upper Chest Workout Tip Ever

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  1. Your tips are the best man, greetings from the Dominican Republic !

  2. I do all wrong the whole gym life but now I can do it right thank you

  3. Plz i want video what do you eat

  4. I read some article arguing that the reverse bench press is far more beneficial than incline DB/BB presses for your upper chest growth. May I have your view on this ?

  5. I absolutely love that shirt

  6. This is a very useful tip!! I have upper chest but its not growing after a point as i dont feel much of activation in that muscle. I will surely try this thing in my next chest workout! Thanx!👌

  7. Should also retract my scapula when doing decline bench?

  8. tried these in the gym a couple days ago, it’s hard to hold your scapula back as you do the workout itself, I’ve always struggled with my upper chest, but any tips on having good form while you do the workout?

  9. The best advice ever man thanks so much for your tips amazing plus sub

  10. Thankyou Mr Vince I will follow you

  11. Plz all sets in body building a veodeo

  12. What I like about this guy is that you can actually SEE muscles in motion when he's working out. He's like a animated anatomy lesson. I've always preferred to aim for lean cut muscularity instead of bulk. A lot of the guys that I see all bulked up have no contours-just one large mass of stuff. It isn't always true, but usually the big bulk guys aren't as well rounded in their over all development (unless they are competing) they may have huge arms and shoulders, lats and legs but no chest, waistline or butt. And then there is the aging process, I would bet money that if we had a time machine and could see Mr. V at 46 he would still have a lean muscular build. Lean muscularity is easier to maintain as you age, it places less stress on your body overall. Remember Mr. V has a diet that helps him keep that lean muscularity which is a great foundation for negotiating the ageing process.I have a philosophy, I always under eat telling my body to use what little it gets as efficiently as it can cause "you ain't getting anymore". He's ahead of the game.He has set his metabolism up to burn fuel/food efficiently, by keeping the bulk down his muscles remain flexible and therefore less prone to injuries as he matures a key factor as we get older is staying flexible since at some point the muscles start a natural process of contraction or shrinking. When I'm watching Mr.V videos I want to be able to see how muscles work together so that when I"m doing them I can check myself in the mirror to see if I have the same pattern of contraction. If not then its back to the starting point where I pop open my note book and pull up one of his videos for the part of the body I am working on. Thanks Mr. V for producing an outstanding series.

  13. Good pointers but he talks way to much

  14. This guy talks to much, four and a half minutes was just talking. Show the workouts and be done.

  15. Tnx Vincent 💪🏼 ur my gym instructor

  16. 8 minute video of a 3 word tip: down and back…

  17. you are going places man keep it up

  18. Subbed! Very informative.

  19. This guy is good! Great demonstration. Just subscribed.

  20. I find it hard to keep my scapula retracted once I pick up the weights my scapula goes back to normal ant tops

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