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  1. Hey girl! Love your videos! What is your watch?? It’s been driving me crazy.

  2. Yes your face is gorgeous & i do like your bare shoulders & you have a yummy body!

  3. wait.. does that mean i can have a cup of tea in the morning and not break my fast?

  4. Hey I have a question. Would fiber powder break a fast ? Also love your videos . Keep going .

  5. I am diabetic, what do u recommends for my fasting times. I take my meds at 8 am most days. I have to loss 30 pounds.

  6. 15:22 minimize the human interaction😂, u just keep getting better n better, New subbie

  7. That moment when you're considering IF but i dont know if i'll become a terrorist cause im not a good person when i dont eat and im hungry.

  8. Awesome videos. Lots of great info 👌🏽💯

  9. Is it okay to combine intermittent fasting with ketosis??

  10. Ugh. I wish I knew you when I lived in LA. We would’ve been bffs. Lol

  11. I adore you! I really appreciate the way you answer questions with your own experience, science, and logic. Can you speak a little about “starvation mode” that I read about? Specifically can you go overboard with intermittent fasting and if so, what are the parameters?

  12. Do intermittent fasting affect menstruation. ..

  13. Wow awesome stair workout!

  14. Wow. Two ~$20 meals in a day… and I thought I spent a lot of money on food…

  15. Can you please make a video on what you do in the gym? You're awesome!

  16. You're adorable! Haha. And I love how informative you are in your videos. Glad to see more stuff like this on YouTube rather than people just saying "do this!" and not telling you much of the why or the good/bad things about it. Keep it up, girl! Subscribing :]

  17. Fasting is Black & White. You do not have any calories during fasting. Enjoy your calories during feasting : )

  18. 50 calories of ANYTHING will break your fast. If you consume anything but water you have broken your fast, and your fasting window just restarted.

  19. When I fast I drink a lot of sparkling water. It has no calories and it keeps me full as well! La Croix works fine to drink as well.

  20. Super helpful! Thank you! I have been drinking lots of coffee while Intermittent Fasting! I'm going to stop that right now!

  21. I've just started this but I'm also trying bulletproof coffee in the morning. It seems to be working so far.

  22. really interesting channel! 😍

  23. How about Premier Protein shakes? Caramel if my favvv. Mine has 3G of fat, and 1G of sugar per serving. HALP!

  24. break fast…get it…your breaking the fast…. don't do it

  25. I love your videos! I love it so much when people put scientific facts in their fitness videos instead of just saying "this is what you should do."

  26. Are you a vlog brothers fan? or hank green /scishow /john green fan cause doobly doo

  27. What is your response to articles like this? It essentially says that intermittent fasting is great for men, not so great for women. http://paleoforwomen.com/shattering-the-myth-of-fasting-for-women-a-review-of-female-specific-responses-to-fasting-in-the-literature/

  28. When doing crocodile pushups try keeping your upper body straight so that your core muscles get involved much more

  29. Is chewing gum okay while fasting

  30. Like OMG! You’re one beautiful young lady… & I’m working on my fasting, I’m actually doing good with my fasting.

  31. What brand are the shorts you are wearing in your workout video?

  32. You can have bulletproof coffee while fasting – but only if you're fat adapted. Your body won't respond, insulin wise, to coconut oil and butter. Just make sure to count the calories.

  33. Could I have any kind of fruit or something else in the morning? Like a carrot or something?

  34. do u wnt to be my girlfriend?

  35. My english is not the best. can you say it again why not drinking diet cola while fasting? why should you con't eat a fruit smoothie to break your fast?

  36. You are an amazing cutie! Both personality and physically awesome! Also I'm a big believer in IF and even long term fasting … however i'm currently a glutton and can't see to get back into gear!

  37. i know this isnt related to the IF but where did you get your shorts!? they look so comfortable and perfect for summer/spring work out time.

  38. im trying to lose like 11 pounds and ive lost a bit from 4 days doing the 16:8, but my question is…how much i have to eat to lose more… coz this deficit is killing me seriously i cant survive on 900 cals i do too much thinking work 🙁 please help me… i‘m just scared i‘m gonna be stuck again and not lose more…

  39. I'm trying this for the first time and so far enjoying the 16-8, 1pm-9pm cycle. Stay full till passing out and just sucking it up through just a short struggle in the morning. Hope it works and these videos help so thank you! Subbed 👍🏻

  40. Could you make a video on how to get back up from feeling down from body image thoughts and forming a good relationship with food? 😀

  41. So if you didn't eat enough calories during your eating window, what are some foods that you cam eat as a snack ? If that's possible.

  42. Just found your channel last week and loving your videos. I'm also an IF and Keto girl!!

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