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Lat Workout Tips: Proper Lat Pulldown Form

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  1. I get spasms in my lower back but I think it's just my body not used to using those muscles or I'm sticking my chest out too far?

  2. One of the best channels on youtube for musclebuilding👍

  3. Just doing this sitting down hurts like a bitch

  4. Hi Sean, do you know exercises that work lats without working subscapularis or it doesn't exist ?

  5. How do you keep shoulder blades together?

  6. thanks man, i was really confused with a huge number of advises, u made the thing clear… thanks man… keep up the good work… 😀

  7. hey Sean, is there any advantage or disatvantage when gripping the bar at the widest possible?

  8. I would like to know that, what should be my weekly plan in Gym?
    Like, Monday : Chest + Triceps etc. and How many sets ??
    Please help.

  9. Actually wouldn't leaning back shift the stress onto the middle traps / upper back? You're effectively turning the movement halfway into a high row.

  10. I love the hook analogy. I apply it to upright rows also 😉

  11. I haven't been able to activate my lats very well and I've watched many videos with the same -ish tips. It was when you said you can imagine your arms are just hooks attached to the weight that finally helped me figured it out. That was an excellent visualization for me to get it right! Thanks!

  12. I wasn't leaning back while doing this exercice. Quite pleased to understand why the lat aren't as well developed. Thank you.

  13. thanks, I was doing some lat rows yesterdayand felt a little unease with my form and this gives me a road map for my next back workout

  14. Thank you. Maybe i can now finally do this right.

  15. hey, you should do one for deadlifts. you're easy to understand. other channels over complicate form and for a beginner it's too much info. can't watch a 30 minute video on form and then remember their 75 steps to do it correctly.

  16. Are there any free weight isolation exercises for lats? Its just because my lats are quite small in comparison to the rest of my body

  17. Thank you Mr.Sean.That was very informative.I personally was not leaning back while performing the Lat Pulldowns.I will give this a go in my today's workout 🙂 

  18. but is it possible really to pinch the shoulder blades together for each rep ? I pinch them for the 1st rep, i use suicide grip (thumbs not on the bar), and when i bring the bar to my chin, i try my best to squeeze the shoulder blades…but what i mean is that each time u let the bar return to the starting position, one should let the back muscles to extend and then contract them…

  19. back is really so important in long run

  20. Good tip as far as body form, but I'm also interested in practical uses of placing your hands at different places on the bar. For example I've seen guys use a wide grip and I've seen guys use a very close grip.

  21. Dude thanks a lot. This helped me with feeling my Lats way more than before. You have my deepest respect on earth. Cheers.

  22. should you feel at pump in your forearms and biceps as well as your lats?

  23. Thank you Sean. I appreciate it.

  24. hey bro why your not grabing the lat bar at the end of the bar. reply pls

  25. I try to do it the right way but after i finsh my workout and i look at myself in the mirror my lats still the same size.

  26. i think hes the long lost jonas brother

  27. Does the "pinching the shoulder blades" also apply to the shoulder press workout(barbell military press and dumbbell shoulder press)? I have a hard time developing shoulder. 

  28. Man…this guy is a genius. Helped me so much in getting bigger muscles and strength as well. Kudos to you Sean!

  29. I've been doing it wrong. thnx…

  30. You say to lean back, but all the weight machines have big warnings about NOT doing that, so I don't get it?

  31. Thanx dude helped me a lot 🙂

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  33. what I still fail to understand is the range of motion!! on the -ve, do we go to full lockout or just short of a lockout!?

  34. Great vid., but I have to disagree with the need to arch your back. You can arch your back if you want to work on your upper lats, but if you want to work on your lower lats, then you need to keep your back straight and bring the bar below your chest.

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