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Lean Legs workout – ballet inspired exercises | Lazy Dancer Tips

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  1. Love this workout! Can I do this 3 times a week or must do everyday for the results? ❤

  2. Hello Alessia! Thank you sooo much for your project it's really great and valuable👍 i need a little help, if it's possible. Please, can you give me the advise, how to relax my neck and arms during the first part of this leg's exercise….?

  3. Wonderful! Thanks so much!

  4. Love your videos, so many good exercises. And your cat is boss 😉

  5. My cat does the same every time I work out on the floor! So cute 🙂 Just subscribed, love your channel! I'm doing your exercises everyday 🙂

  6. I have fairly muscular thighs, and i am looking for a workout to lean my legs out (i do not want muscular legs.) will this workout build muscle, or help me get long lean legs?
    Thank you!

  7. i always watch your different arms, legs, and abs xercises thanks so much for very nice instuctions it helps me to improve footworks and good posture . Your great teacher.

    chit csbpa.

  8. your cat is so cute and lovely

  9. Hello, my daughter talked me into watching your wonderful videos. I have to modify but because of your videos I can now wear high heels again. I am also stronger and have better balance. Thank you for your generosity in sharing what you have mastered.
    TTFN (tata for now)

  10. Hi, I m from Brazil, I love so much your videos. I practice fitness ballet !! xoxo

  11. can I workout with your videos event If I've never been a dancer?

  12. I love your videos! I'll never be a "dancer" but at least I have a good time trying with your videos 😉

  13. Alessia,

    Your channel is such a gem, I am very happy to have stumbled upon it ! As a non-professional ballet aficionado I find your workouts challenging but very satisfying and helpful! Thank you much for this and for your lovely, bubbly personality!

  14. Wow this was hard but at the end I said "I can't believe I've done it"..so proud of myself…thank you Alessia, you are fantastic!! Bacioni!!

  15. Hi! I must say the first exercise was a killer (for some reason) 🙂 thank you for the videos.

    I would like to ask how many of the legs videos (and which ones) you would recommend to be performed in one session/day.

    Also, have you considered to make ballet classes videos for adult beginners? 🙂

  16. effective and hilarious! I don't usually laugh out loud in the middle of a bun burning workout 😂

  17. Loved this!!! My new favorite:-)

  18. Just wanted to know how often should these be done

  19. Always feel fun watching you, and love your cats 🐱

  20. your cat looks as if she had enough of this human madness

  21. I want to make my thighs and calves slimmer are these exercises suitable for me?

  22. I tried this one before, it's really hard! I think I really love the ones with ballad music and lower volume of ur voice. I mean ballad music make me feel like I am dancing a ballad. feel good.


  24. So hard so good!!!! Thanks again !

  25. Hi Alessia!! Thanks for sharing your tips, they are great fun and painel! 🙂 would you haver more tips for improving em dehors and attitude? Cheers!!

  26. I love how you respond to your comments. 😇

  27. your cat is so funny 😀

  28. u r soo good at it ! THANX ! P.S.u cat looks cute

  29. you have a sort of Charlie Chaplin type of movement in this – the nose scratch brought to attention as did the narration above silent motion. kitty was showing off rounding tail

  30. hey, I love your videos, i`m just wondering will this help me lose thigh fat

  31. just found your channel, and I love what I am seeing! love your personality, very encouraging and seems like it will help to get through the wkouts😆just had my baby number 4 in 8 years, so need something to help me get in shape from home again, looking like these will help, as much as my body can be helped😂thanks!!

  32. I'm so glad I found your channel I'm loving these workouts can't believe how much I sweated from doing this workout! the burrnnn

  33. "We got legs, only two, that is good" LOL what if we have eight?! love your videos. Took up adult ballet recently n I need to strengthen my inner thigh…this video is definitely what I need. Any other video that you would recommend? Watson is awesome btw, very nice of him to jus sit by and watch, mine tried to eat my legs. And THANK YOU so much for all the videos… Greetings from Malaysia

  34. oooh I love your cat and your videos!

  35. Oh! I´m in love with the pretty teacher!

  36. this was really nice thanks

  37. hi, i recently discoverd your channel and i'm already on love with it!!! i have a question: when i am doing the "butterfly" excercise or the "frog" excercise or the " knee to knee" excercise my knees hurt so much!!!!! should i continue or should i stop? i would really appreciate if you could answer my question!! your videos have helped me so much!! i think you are perfect!!! ( sorry for any spelling mistakes, my english isn't very good)

  38. Good morning Alessia ^^
    Thank for your good mood morning! Can go to work now ^^ Have a great week end ;o)

  39. I just discovered your channel and I love your videos!!! You give so nice instructions and awesome exercises! This is the fifth video I'm watching…XD I love ballet, it's my passion, my dream. Unfortunately my body is too fat for ballet, especially my legs… You think this workout will help me?? How many times the week should I perform it? Again conrgatulations for your wonderful videos!


  40. You made me laugh a lot !!:D I was feeling the pain and you had the same expression I had on my face..thank you,great exercises!

  41. Your legs are very pretty. What is your favorite exercise to get them so toned?

  42. please more back workout video

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