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Lifting Like Lions with Mike Rashid: Bench Workout and Tips

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  1. I think eric spotos 585 is faster than ur 525 but great work man

  2. Who makes those red elbow sleeves?

  3. are elbow sleeves needed?

  4. having a wide grip causes my wrist to be slightly on front of my elbow. Should I use a closer grip so my elbow are further away from my face than my wrist?

  5. I want a invitation to come lift

  6. he don't know how to spot on bench press. don't fucking touch the bar until the rep fails u idiot. that's distracting.


  8. arching your back ?? lololololol that's the horrible technique  ,don't let them talk you into it Mike!!!

  9. Look you guy's are awesome and I truly appreciate and respect your knowledge. but you Men aren't taking care of your inner bodies please add J Crow's iodine solution and magnesium glycinate to your juice and this will add to your overall health. I'm 51 and for the past 6 years I've never been sick and I live in Fort Worth Texas. The home of the Flu virus please don't take that flu shot and take this instead. Load your body with at least 2 drops every 2 days iodine solution then everyday add magnesium glycinate to build up your stores reserve. as always be blessed

  10. Lions doesnt lift anything u idiot

  11. Animals big work out dudes keep em coming hit my channel up subscribe

  12. Great tips for a better bench press form

  13. awesome video!
    what brand are those blue wrist straps?

  14. Mark..can u personally come down to Walnut CA to my LA Fitness gym and teach me how to push through my plateau of 225…thanks brother

  15. I need Rashid's shirt 😂

  16. Money Maker Mike helped with this video?! Damn him and froggy fresh moving on up!

  17. U sounded like yo boy Mike in this video Marc

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