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MP3 Fighter Workout: Kick/Boxing/MMA Audio Instruction

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  1. Hey Shane, if I wanted to practice for pure boxing and I wanted to up the difficulty, would subbing out those extra kicks/sprawls for body shots/uppercuts be a good idea?

    Mad respect for your channel, your skill diversity is on it's own level.

  2. Your inspirational af to me

  3. really really like this. Im getting more and more serious about my body being in shape before i have the resources to go to a gym and train with people and start my career. You have some of the best videos and i sincerely EXTREMELY want to meet you and get some in person fightTIPS the the LEGEND Himself!! Much love and thank you for being an inspiration to get into shape and start training daily, whether its just stretches and workouts/ shadowboxing and other little things at home i feel i am improving and when i step into a gym everyone will be surprised ive never trained properly. Its not cockiness i have, i am just confident in myself to achieve the things i want and anyone can do it. dont let yourself get down because of life situations, drugs or anything. I love myself some Marijuana but i find training while high bogs me down. in BJJ pot is a savior for me i get so creative with it but striking and anything standing it gives me its own type of high that you cant beat.

  4. These are awesome! Please make more.

  5. Shane pls reply ill ask you something

  6. I’m not impressed by your performance

  7. Hey Shane. I'm urging for more videos like this with added variations for boxers. Been watching this video nonstop for the past week. Helping me figure out different techniques as well as integrating better movement. Great video (Like all the others you post). Keep it up.

  8. Should be doing pushups not f**** the ground

  9. Hell yeah! I'm gonna try this at the gym. I'm gonna look like a maniac, but it looks like an awesome workout

  10. The mp3 is awesome. I love it. You get used to it though because it's short, so you can have it on repeat 3 times straight and then you're pooped.

    Please make more! These are so awesome.

  11. Actually
    I think this works out better with a heavy bag
    Which I don't have

  12. This is great for everybody, u can makt this fit your own abilities and push yourself as hard as you choose.

  13. Bro, you kinda jacked this workout from Bas Rutten tho…
    I ain't mad though. I've been looking for a new audio workout to listen to without a thick Dutch accent. 😉

  14. Hi. I like it! Wheres the link to the full MP3?

  15. shane… you kill that heavybag 😀

  16. JESUS CHRIST! This nigga needs to be like a level 99 sensei that can train you for the most overpowered move in all of history, you gotta climb a huge ass mountain and slay a dragon to prove you're worthy of his time.

  17. Shane since you're good at these things and giving out tips. why don't you fight professionally?

  18. This was a really good idea😁

  19. Excellent workout. I use the Precision Boxing Coach application (punchingbagsguide.com/boxing-training-app/)

  20. this was great do more please

  21. Hey Shane.. I just love your left head kick. I wish I could do it but I am working on it every day..

  22. 0:59 was that the ' one one fuck the pussy combo'

  23. great way to work technique and string along combos with fluidity. can see making a gauntlet of this by adding more to it or drilling something at the end. Good stuff Shane

  24. yo shane you made me a better street fight er !! thank u so much! god bless!!

  25. Is there a longer Audio version of this? I'd loop it with Audacity for a longer number of rounds but dont have access to a PC these days.

  26. When u realise you did it on the right leg back and have one more stance to go 😱😱😱😱😱

  27. Please do more of that its really helpful thanks a lot

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