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Pre-Workout Tricks for Muscle Growth | MI40 University – Ben Pakulski

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  1. 1. 1500ml of water
    2. Electrolytes
    3. Creatine

  2. How much of these supplements (and all other supps) is relative to your own body. Ben Pakulski has 1.5 liters of water because that's what suits Ben. But telling somebody else with a completely different body to take the same is not gonna work. You have to take what's relatively beneficial to your body: this includes your weight, your height, overall-build. In simple terms, it's like cabinet space. Depending on your height and body shape, if you're 6'5 you're obviously going to have more cabinet space in you to store things. If you're 5'8, you're gonna have less cabinet space in you etc. You have to do what's proportional to your body and then over time add a little more. It isn't practical to attempt to take on everything that Ben takes in because Ben does it. You need the said supplements mentioned in the video, but you need to do it proportionally to your own body. There is no one universal number or amount, it all depends on your weight, height etc.

  3. sleep enough and you need no supplements…

  4. Need to spend a day watching your films

  5. is it OK to put Creatine in coffee..?

  6. Why take creatine preworkout if it has no acute benefits? Also i find that electrolytes are extremely helpful but for what reason do you suggest using them?

  7. wow i ve been missing out alot

  8. Spot on mate. Awesome advice

  9. Thanks for the tips, I always use creatine but never thought of downing a lot of water prior and have never looked for electrolytes. Will try it out.

  10. So good Ben
    thx again truly the best solid advice always!
    No one else compares to you. Please keep it up for us.

  11. Can you recommend an Electrolyte supplement. I only ask because I went to the website I usually order my supplements from and they seem to have a lot of differences brands etc.

  12. Thanks, how much dosage/quantity of electrolytes do you recommend

  13. Almost during the entire video the guy in the smith machine in the back just stands underneath and around the bar. Not once did he lift it up, and right at the end of the video it looks like he gets out from under the bar. :/

  14. Creatine and water is all I use. The best!!

    How come Ben doesn"t look big in offseason,and on the stage he is fucking monster?

  16. creatine u take b4 workout wont have a effect on ur workout anyway…………

  17. hi ben what is your take on the different types of creatine and which do you think is best?

  18. Great advise and a good source for electrolytes is all natural coconut water, and you can add intra workout amino acids in your coconut water. 

  19. Ben,
    Your videos are some of the best and most informative on the internet. Thank you. Watch this video at half speed. 

  20. I thought you had said electrolytes promoted alkalinity and it's optimal to be slightly acidic going into a workout, therefor electrolytes during and after are more optimal than before? I may have misunderstood? 

  21. How does he look so small in a shirt?

  22. How bout T injection b 4 that gets the shred on

  23. awesome video ben! just something im a bit confused on, i thought creatine u can take it anytime of the day 5 grams each day, and it takes about 4 weeks to get into the muscle cells?

  24. Ha I used to take electro lights in my water before powerlifting workouts, but lately I've stopped and I've been feeling slightly off. I really appreciate the knowledge in these videos.

  25. Is there another supplement that is close to Creatine that one could take? When I take Creatine I tend to get light headed and pass out, yes I pass out when I take Creatine. Any suggestions? Thanks

  26. if I only need 5g of creatine monohydrate a day, should I split it up to before and after my workout?

  27. I'm assuming you're telling people to take creatine pre/post workout because of the increased blood flow during the exercise? Creatine is more of a ''constant'' supplement, where saturation is much more important than timing, unless I'm mistaken. I take my two servings every 12 hours which tends to be pre-workout and before sleep. 

  28. BP!!! What you think about using melatonin 5mg pre-workout?? That really boost GH levels during and pos workout and lowering oxidative stress and muscle inflammation during workouts?

  29. Do i really need to take creatine?? Ahh man, i nvr wanted to. But when bpak says it, i feel like i need to.

  30. where do i get these electrolyte supplement?

  31. let's get real. Forget the creatine myth and talk some truth in bodybuilding. Like pre-workout peptides, GH, or post workout insulin dosing. Because my friends, those are the real IFBB tricks for muscle growth, apart from the obvious life dedication to anabolics, training, and diet. 

  32. Can you name some Electrolytes Drink?? supplement powders??etc

  33. You don't need to get your supplement, you can get them from adding lime to your water

  34. Gatorade isn't a electrolyte!?  What are some examples of electrolytes then?

  35. What happen if I take creatine Intra workout?

  36. Good stuff Pacman. I'm going to try to find an electrolyte supp, never had any of these. We'll see the difference. 

  37. Ben could Say  how munch time before workout should i take  creatine   to do best use of it? a usually take right before workout,Thanks you Tips are always  great.

  38. For Electrolytes….PURE COCONUT WATER

  39. Why preferably after if only having the choice to take before or after?

  40. bp, what do you think about glicerin as a cell hiperhydrator? 

  41. What if you work out in the morning? Im up by 7 and in the gym by 8.

  42. Multi minerals(iron free for men unless deficient). Multi vitamins are piss poor(most at least) at providing adequate or any minerals. They up there as one of the most unsung/underutilized  best anabolic/recovery supplements. Most are deficient. Minerals among the multitude of benefits they have help vitamins work.I use the Vitamin Shoppe brand. Magnesium, Calcium, Zinc etc etc etc etc. Bodyknowledge77 approved.

  43. if i drink so much water i will be pissing in the bathroom every 10 seconds lol

  44. I'm always learning form you Ben, thats why i love this foocking channel, most IFBB Pro BBs dont teach us even how they breathe.

  45. My stomach is always bloated, any solutions?

  46. 5 grams post workout is all i do? That good enough, does the amount you intake differ from a cut or bulk faze?

  47. Ben what digestive supplements do you take specifically? Poor digestion is a big factor thats been holding me back. Ive tried enzymes in the past and probiotics and still get bloated/gassy/fatigued. What do brands do you recommend?

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