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RIPPED Back Workout – In-Depth Tips (STEP BY STEP!)

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  1. If I was rich I would definitely hire you as my trainer

  2. Nick lowkey goin into the evolution of man

  3. Wow! How do you engage lower back muscles at 1:11 that much? Any workout tip for someone with a bulging disc (L5-S1), besides hyperextensions, focusing there? thx!

  4. red headed step child lmao 😂

  5. jeff, i love your channel. learning a lot but i feel like my heads gonna explode. however i have said for years that the only way to engrain information into your mind is to thoroughly understand how and why something works. so thank you for teaching all the mechanics of the body and training.

  6. I laughed so hard at the fact that you apologized to any red-headed stepchildren watching!!

  7. with the land mine setup row thing will that work my lats rhomboids and traps? if not could someone please suggest a exercise for my upper and lower traps, thanks

  8. You had me at "redheaded stepchild" 😂😂😂 lmao

  9. Ha, I'm watching this on my phone lying down.

  10. i apploiged to anytime fitness if that what drunk fushion did

  11. how long are your work outs sir?

  12. This guy is good. I'm similar build, and alot of people talk down cause this body type is not a juice muscle head type. It's better, cause he knows the real anatomy and full ROM. Great job!

  13. Truthfully speaking. I adore you. I saved your videos and use it as a motivation for my pre workout

  14. Please more of this. Rhomboid training please

  15. Middle and lower traps are probably more important. Rhomboidal help with downward rotation of the scapula and most need more upward rotation

  16. Jeff- Not sure if iv missed a video somewhere but i have not seen you do a complete back workout for people with shoulder injury. Would be great if you could do one please.

  17. Love your videos, always top notch!

  18. I liked these vids until I noticed Jeff is a fucking Bengals fan XD 6:30

  19. Jokes on you! I'm laying down watching this video!!

  20. Rhomboids are important because imbalances can lead to shoulder impingement syndrome.

  21. If i do one arm row for balance my rhomboids and mid back,wouldn't my lat get bigger too ,the one that my weak side.

  22. There's a lack of stretch in almost every exercise this guy does. The stretch is very important.

  23. I did subscribed and I do listen to Your advice fully! Thanks soooo much!

  24. I just realized that I am, in fact, a red headed step child. I was always treated fine, so I don't know what everyone's bitching about

  25. red headed step child is possibly the greatest metaphor ive ever heard

  26. Yes, I am watching this at work, sitting in a damm chair with a computer in front of me. Pays well but what an inhuman way to make a living 🙁

    Thanks Jeff !

  27. "the rhomboids are like the red headed step child when it comes to training and we're gonna fix that today" no love for the ginge lmao

  28. Theres a ton of information in this video. Thank you very much for your help, Jeff! It is remarkable that you are giving us all this information for free with your videos.

    I have always loved back training, especially exercises for thickness and the middle of the back. Thats why back is my best bodypart. 😀 Unfortunately I went to heavy with the Romanian deadlift after intense tennis. Now I suffer from lower back pain and have to check what happend with a radiologist. I will train my lower back differently from know on and found an awesome video in your channel for this with isometric exercises.

    Thanks for everything again and I wish you all the best from Germany 😉

  29. you sir, are a savage lol. red haired step child?. that messed up!.there is always truth in a joke.

  30. I'd really like to see how you address a unilateral hip hike

  31. "The red-headed stepchild" Haha, made me laugh! Tanks for the video 🙂

  32. Great information Jeff. Thanks a lot!

  33. OMG revelation. 

    Instead of doing 1 set of 20 reps; do 20 sets of 1 rep.

    One of the most intelligent training tips I've ever heard.

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