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Salman Khan’s Brother’s Gym Bodybuilding Workout Tips

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  1. Intelligent and responsible persons
    Good answer

  2. This suhail son of a bitch is so arrogant
    Accidentally I met him at the Dubai Airport wanted to say hi but the guy was so full of shit

    Bhanchod sala hate this bastard

  3. Sunny deol hai Sher Bollywood ka

  4. 28" waist is a sign of health? 🤣😂

  5. Golden words by Anna "Expect less"..

  6. Awesome thing said by Anna at the end..Hit like if agree

  7. Salman is the most handsome man in the world!!!

  8. Body building is a calculated perseverance & habit to gain other's approval & validation. People in general are DUMB & don't follow actors like Nazeerudin Shah or Nana Patekar. So the result is 3rd class actor with big muscles & sexy bodies make millions off dumb population.
    And drinking Milk is actually bad for you. Do your research….
    Milk promotion is a propaganda.

  9. Madharchod workout to kahi dikha hi nahi

  10. maaaann!
    sunil shutty just laid some great wisdom

  11. sunil ji I like your suggestion for our children . thank you for it

  12. Slagging the west, and yet you speak english. "Speak Hindi".

  13. yes Kishore and Rafi and mata ji Lata

  14. yay means sohil to answer pr hai

  15. oye bhai question to clear kr

  16. Mr Arnold and sly and veslay and Mel Gibson and Dolph and

  17. The pic what is shown and the video is irrelevant !!

  18. wow I am impress by Sunil Shetty 's Reply …

  19. bc sunil sir has his own swagger,

  20. they have 1% body but attitude as if they are arnold schwarzenegger
    I have watched many videos of body building (bodybuilders) but their way of communicating is genuine & real.
    No fake attitude
    shayd islea every guy like to watch their videos, tips & interviews.

    Its just my opinion.

  21. Atleast change the title guy…
    he is Sohail khan adn also suni shetty is there..

  22. Sohail was bang on the point where he talked about the culture. We dont need to look towards the west!!

  23. sohail is useless idiot worst director n teriblle actor only because of his bro he recoknized idiot

  24. Sanju baba was first trendsetter of bodybuilding in Bollywood.

  25. SANJAY DUTT got shirtless songs in Bollywood " akhir tumhain ana hai " and "teri yad " song in kartoos movie, before salman khan song

  26. assalawalekum me my saw salman song oojane jana we started gym my brother allso now we bodybuilders salman khan change our life

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