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Secret Workout Training Tips w/ IFBB Olympia Bodybuilding Legend Kai Greene, Jeff Seid & Alon Gabbay

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  1. jeff said is a loser. Everytime shows his muscles puts his tongue out as a cocky. Real men don't need that!

  2. Fucking deep man . Fuck you are dump alon

  3. Why he is asking kai abt secrets, his steriods is not even a secret 😂😡

  4. 4:00 .. getting mad becuz kai talks to much shit !!!!

  5. Kai greene, a man full of wisdom

  6. Jeff Seid after last secodns of video recording, "Greene please explain me and give me your anabol steroid cycle tips please!"

  7. young guy needs to listen , he ruined the interview.

  8. Jeff shut the fuck up already!

  9. Stop butting in on the man himself you white piece of shit gud dam!

  10. I don't think Kai should be in the video unless he gives advice on how to keep the bubble gut out and keep aesthetic gut in

  11. why they are not wearing any shirt? Look at Kai.

  12. Jeff Saddamn just doesn't stop talking

  13. "Stay shredded??" No. You're lean. Not shredded.

  14. I may not like how Kai looks (I like the physique and aesthetic look), but he has an awesome personality and he is super nice!

  15. Jeff and the other dude seem disrespectful Kai is really intelligent and obviously knows the science behind it where as Jeff just lifts stuff and eats lots

  16. I recently posted my two year transformation and was just wondering if anyone could give it a view or some advice. I would greatly appreciate it!

  17. Dammit Jeff let the man speak.

  18. 3:083:14 shows really what kai thinks of jeff

  19. the vignetting is strong with this one


  21. Kai: Calm. Dominates conversation
    Jeff: Anxious. Interrupts Kai.
    Alon: Fucking deep man.

  22. I'm just starting out now and I'm glad mentors like Kai are speaking out to give beginners advice

  23. Why do these two douchebags have their shirts off inside of a gym? These guys should be summarily executed and buried in shallow grave.

  24. LOL kai was trying so hard not to burst out laughing at alon gabbaies voice at the end of the video! Then tops it off by calling them the "sexy squad" LOL

  25. Jeff I would love to have you as a guest on my call in radio show.  I have had a couple of body builders on my radio show.

  26. let him be excited about his trainer, and he willing to learn.  The guy has a passion for something and that's what I encourage. Keep this up for life.

  27. Shows who has the humility doesn't it kai is twice the size yet is wearing a big hoody

  28. Any1 know soundtrack at beginning

  29. Need some tips on G4P and Grape fucking. Then these two are your guys.

  30. are all these guys natural? will i look like this if i eat my oatmeal every day?

  31. Der Grieche versteht genau 0 😉

  32. the fuck is up with the music

  33. lolbroscience

    totally not the drugs

  34. this was painful to watch, jeff keeps interrupting kai and that other guy is just autistic.

  35. i think that kai finds alon antipathetic

  36. Kai Greene deserves to be Mr.Olympia

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