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Simple 7 Min Beginner Workout

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  1. Anyone at 2018 trying to lose wight?

  2. New year, let's start doing workout. I rarely do workout for years, so I find it hard to follow other workout video for "beginner" but I think this video is suitable for a guy like me. Thanks guys!

  3. When I saw the man do push ups its not how to do it . You don't do push ups on your knees you do it on your toes

  4. I’m 29 years old just starting is I️t too late for me. Someone let me know if I’m gonna waste my time thanks…

  5. I need a six pack to get a girl…

  6. When is the perfect time to work out? Early morning or after work around 7pm?

    Just curious.

    If morning, before breakfast or after? Same question for if evening as well

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  8. And how long should I do this for days weeks months and What if I can't do the toe touches

  9. this seems to be working I've been doing for a month and I've double the time I dot this for and do 5 rounds of it and I am starting to get toned but I can't find anything that I like to drink that I good for me and tastes good any help appreciated

  10. Around how many times a day do we do this like we do it 3 times each only once but do we do it three times each each twice???

  11. Should i make this like 8 pm and 13 am and 19 am

  12. I want to get healthy I hate my health. I'm so unhealthy help me and give me tips to have an healthy body please. Easy way and can get at home only. And what can I eat?

  13. With how much frequency should you do this workout? Like 3 times a week?

  14. Be honest u don't use steroids?

  15. should this be done before breakfast or after breakfast?

  16. How many times a day you have to do this?


  18. God damn this is actualy tough for me. I have a sixpack since i always only did crunches and not eat anything. But i have no condition or any high strength. i want to try to do this daily every morning from now on.

  19. Hey friend i am skinny type guy who doesn't have such weight and i am around 13kg underweight☹ …. So what result would i get by performing this

  20. 3:07 is the starting point for the workout.

  21. i wish i have vanoss to train me

  22. how do I trust these guys if they don't know how to spell beginers

  23. hi i can't do the 2nd step
    cause it's really slippery can i do sit up??

  24. the day after i did this my body was hurting, can someone help me?

  25. My routine:
    push ups
    sit ups
    plenty of juice

  26. Is this once a day? Like 7 minutes once a day? If I feel like I can do more should I do more?

  27. Simple 7 Min Beginner Workout is very good the peaple are beginner,So thanks this vidio.

  28. I am 13 i did this but could you explain the workout a bit more? plz

  29. sir I m a newbie… my body condition is not that much good.. I am a 6 feet tall guy but my weight is only 50…. is this workout plan helpfull for my weigth gain? basicaly I just need a proper body shape… if its not then which workout I should take… plz sir reply as soon as possible…. tq 🙂 <3

  30. Thank's for this video, can we use this workout for loose belly ?

  31. Just the video I was looking for

  32. Just watched your 7 minute workout for beginners, and have done 3 sets already!. You can definitely feel your muscles working! Thanks Guys.

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