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Swan Lake Fitness – Full Body Workout | Lazy Dancer Tips

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  1. Fantastico !!! Thanks 🤗🦅🐥

  2. been a little bored with my workouts lately but I'm glad i found you because your videos make me want to exercise!

  3. I just discovered this, I think it is so cool and amazing! I learned some ballet as an adult but no chance to go back yet, this is so much fun and great way to get some exercise I can do at home. I love your movements, you are so graceful and have great positive attitude!

  4. Woooo! I enjoyed this so much! The worst part is to admit that Im lazy 😀

  5. New subscriber here. I'm loving your vids!

  6. Most fun little workout ever!!!

  7. Hi! Just being curious, is this some cardio exercises?

  8. amazing thank you so much !!!!!

  9. such a torture: I just look like a chicken who want to fly x)

  10. I love so much this workup! I keep doing it!
    I would love to follow you in another ballet-exercise like this… just pretending to be… Giselle, or a Jazz-dancer or … the ballet you prefer!
    Thnk you for sharing your knowledge and hard work!
    Love, see you soon

  11. i love your passionate voice, it really inspires me !!and love all of your workout videos 😀

  12. Omg, this is definitely the funniest workout I've ever done! The second level should be with grand battements punching for the real badass black swans. hahahahah
    So far I've done only your body workouts, but now you inspired me to do the barre as well. In my childhood I used to practice ballet for 10 years (I don't dare to say "dance", as I am not a professional), and honestly I never liked it because of great physical exertion and me myself being a stupid perfectionist. I'm more a "nerdy" type, than a fighter type (at least regarding oversplits and pointe shoes hahaha). But sometimes I miss the joy of dancing per se, all those great moves, and "swaning", so I do it on my own from time to time. When nobody is watching.
    Your videos are very comforting and comprehensive, I really like them. I would say, they are the best what I've found online so far.
    Thanks, Alessia, for your work and sharing, you're da best! Hugs :-*

  13. This is one of my favorites so far. I paired this workout with one of the ab videos. I really enjoyed it! I like to mix and match your videos! Thanks for the variety!
    💖 Much Love,

  14. you are such a inspiration. I never thought of doing workout in such delicate way you're just amazing. am really overweight and feel embarrassed of doing this 😐

  15. Being a ballerina this workout is perfect for me! Thank u so much for this 🙂

  16. Wow! What a workout! Didnt expect that. My arms dont love you but I do! XX Jill

  17. The Prince will lol a lot When he sees me flapping like a Whale…But Who cares!
    Se penso al tutù indossato da me mi viene in mente questa comica con Stanlio e Ollio….https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pXgns_FVoEU

  18. Goodness, gracious this was harder than it looked. Lol It's been YEARS since I've done ballet due to an injury and your channel seems to be exactly what I need to ease my way back into dancing. Thank you! 🙂

  19. my arms are burning!!! thanks though i love your videos❤️

  20. Wow! The best class I ever done! Very, very hard but amazing! Thanks so much Alessia and keep been kind and beautiful!!!

  21. Can't feel my arms! But I love it ☺

  22. omg, this swan lake thing was designed to burn my arm…. guess if i have this with pointe shoes my legs will also be broken… so thanks god i yet to handled pointe so save my legs today :-DDDD oh by the way, how if you make this with tchaikovsky music….think this can make me dream like in the performance :-DDDD thanks Alessia for making such a great workout, it's so good for my stiff arm…. xxx

  23. What a fun way to work out! Especially for those of us who can't make it to a studio to stay in shape. THANK YOU!

  24. And scared 😂😂 you're awesome

  25. sono partita come un piccione e ho finito come una gallina. Magari con un po' di pratica arrivo almeno al passerotto ahahaah

  26. I love your videos. They're so different, and beautifully done. Perfect length, awesome exercises that not only strengthen, but make me learn to move more graciously. Thank you for making them!!!

  27. Molto GRAZIE Alessia 🙂 was amazing to fly with u!!! i enjoy

  28. This is just wow!!!! More of this, please!!!! xxx

  29. Alessia, I love your swan lake workout, and I use it as a warm up to precede another of your workouts it has really improved my lagging heart rate.
    Many years ago (50+ ) I was an avid dancer but had to give up ballet as I grew such enormous boobies which isn't really good for a dancer!!! Since then I took up Horse riding as my next chosen art form and for the past 50 years my muscle structure had developed completely differently. After a couple of weeks of following your classes I can already feel my muscles, particularly those in the hips and pelvis wakening up and I am feeling so much more balanced overall. With so many workouts to choose from I never get bored. I wish you success and growth with your online ventures for the future.

  30. oh it burns too though. Can you do another swan lake fitness video with some music from swan lake? pretty please with the cherries on top?

  31. ow LAUGHS ow LAUGHS. Laughing makes painful swans arms so much easier!

  32. i looked like a cringe odette lol but i loved it so much

  33. This is so much fun. And your so funny.

  34. This is so much fun. And your so funny.

  35. Girl you are amazing and my arms are on fire XD I didn't feel like a beautiful swan at all (more like a dying one XD) but I will do this workout more often so I'm going to be one! ^^ Thank you!

  36. I'm so tired! thank you very much <3, I was a ballerina but dropped it when I entered colleague, this is helping me to get back !

  37. I looked like a chicken doing this, but I definitely felt like a swan! I love this!

  38. Hi pls make more of these dancing ballet workouts. I love your videos! Thank you! 😊

  39. this was so much fun! thanks for providing such a fun workout!

  40. 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻That was wonderful!!! But it was a challenge to not keep laughing 😂😂😂 I haven't mastered laughing and exercise at the same time. It is a joy to workout with you. "Laughter doeth good like a medicine!" Thank you, so much! 💞

  41. That's really sweet and probably effective

  42. I'm a dancer and I just discovered you're channel and I love you're videos. I love you're positive vibe❤

  43. that's a really good full body workout..thanks for the upload.. 🙂

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