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The Rock & Kevin Hart HILARIOUS Gym Motivation & Workout Videos

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  1. I do all of that between strawberry milkshakes

  2. "Just me and Tupac on the speakers"

    Yeah bitch!

  3. When Kevin said WAKE UP BICH i fucking lost IT xD i love him

  4. Why do people do complicated pushups when you can just do the Bench Press?

  5. had no idea Kevin Hart had it like THAT!

  6. 3:39 looks so wrong from that view

  7. Hello I need subscribers on my channel

  8. Rock 💪💪💪💪👍👍👍

  9. I fucking LOVE the Rock!!

  10. And there's me, lifting my 4kg weights.

  11. anybody knows any of the songs

  12. the rock looks like he got rapt

  13. Kevin hart being so small would seem like he is weak but that dude is a beast.

  14. of course he can muscle up he only weighs 50 pounds

  15. dwayne johnson fucking awesome i seen few family like videos he shares randomly like when he was jogging & found a turtle in the road, dressed as pikachu and danced for his daughters birthday and going out of way just to give those young girls a picture with him that's mad respect for dwayne.

  16. You can try Rock, but no one will ever be as big as Dom Mazzetti.

  17. Kevin Hart: "My traveling gym, bitch." (Does push-ups, jumps rope) lol

  18. Don't tri and get bi or you get delt with and trap , Dang DJ #preach

  19. kevin:
    you cant be the best if you can have the mindset of the best
    imma be the best because I believe i can be the best
    thats why i work hard. Harder than the rest

    that was some Muhammad ali shit right there XDDD

  20. Wonder what the rock would look like without steroids

  21. Kevin skip all leg days jajaja

  22. When you see Dwayne:0-0
    When you see Kevin:O-O

  23. oh my Gawd Kevin you're getting fit more and more .. I'm really really proud of you

  24. the is literally Kevin favorite dance moves 😊

  25. Dude would be just as good at playing shazam as he is at being black adam :')

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