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Training Tips for Runners: 20 minute Tempo Run Workout

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  1. Great content! Thanks coach Sage!

  2. is anyone else sick of seeing ads for Gigi Gorgeous?

  3. Great information like usual Sage, greatly appreciated. Cheers!

  4. Just can't listen to this guy.

  5. How can I increase my miles on the treadmill?currently I run at a speed of 8 for 60 minutes but I can only manage to run 5miles

  6. what day is it?!!!! IT'S CANADAY!

  7. what benefits do fartleks offer?

  8. credit to Jack Daniels? lol…nice video

  9. It's amazing how much harder it is in training than a race, for half the distance! :/ ouuuchhhh !

  10. Sage's favorite workout. And he's right.

  11. 85% of my max HR is easy running for me, have read that it's approx 30 to 45 secs slower than 5k race pace which seems about right for me (effort at a short conversational level )

  12. How much slower should I be running up hill than compared to the flat? I live in an area where there are many hills…..

  13. Just went out and did this.. sounds easy but if you are pushing 85 percent its brutal!

  14. He is wrong a 10k adds lots more minutes to your final time compared to a 5k because you are not used to running twice the distance. Having run a few 10k"s I can"t maintain my normal 5k pace throughout. So I suggest you approach a 10k race running the first 5k at your usual 5k pace and slow down the last 5k and you should finish with a decent time.

  15. Do you have a video to help you focus on running comfortably hard i know i might've asked this question but its really hard to run hard because i have poor posture and i was wondering if you can give me tips on how to get rid of that tension in the back and shoulders because that's where I'm mainly feeling tense

  16. Good videos geared to the aerobically gifted. 

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  18. I did this for 1st time last month and it's burns. It also showed me what im not doing before races. Done it 3 times so far and have been under 10min/mi pace. I wore my HRM along with my 310xt. The warm and pre tempo stretch are key. Also, the cool down is a must. I've avg'd 2.5mi in that 20 min along with 1mile warmup and cool down. This workout is NOT a gimmick!!

  19. i need a little help please. where i live is mostly hills and am now able to run a descent pace for 1hr30mins each day. my body has gotten accustomed to that pace. i would like some advise of how to start my tempo runs uphill.

  20. Yo how fast can you sprint sage

  21. thank you so much for sharing all this great info !!! I would love to learn more from you, about running , thanks again it helps keep me motivated .

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  26. This guy looks like he walked out of an anime.

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  28. Sage, can you explain how anaerobic workouts such as these continue to improve aerobic fitness?

  29. Running a million miles is ridiculous! Tempo runs enable you to improve your fitness and lesson the chance of injury. Everyone I run with make excuses for not pushing their lungs, IMO are simply lazy. I run less than 1/2 the miles, yet they can't figure out why I am so much faster and run 2x farther with pace. I laugh at peeps who run miles and miles at a 12 min pace LOL.I have better things to do with my time. I play soccer and tennis so running is a waste of time…and boring as hell.

  30. So then when you were running for the Hansons, was running 5:10 mile pace considered "easy" for you? Like would you be able to cruise a 15-20 mile long run @ your Marathon goal pace?

  31. Oh yeah that sounds like a good idea to see if there is anything you should change before race day itself. And I have been keeping in touch about how the tapering phase can increase a runner's sluggishness because of the fact that their body is so used to running higher mileage and intense, marathon goal pace workouts.

  32. I read Jack Daniels before my first marathon, excellent book. Great video.

  33. yes! In fact, a 20 minute run at marathon goal pace 4-5 days before the marathon, followed by 4 by 100m strides is always the last "tune-up" workout I do. Sometimes you feel "sluggish" from the marathon taper, but isn't a hard workout (it's not quite a tempo run), rather just something to keep the metabolism up….I'll even go into it with only 5-10minutes of light jogging for a warm-up, followed by a gel 10 minutes before the start….because thats what I do on marathon race day.

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