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Losing weight without going to the gym

So, for the new year, you are trying to lose weight like everyone else. You think about it but you still do not want to go to the gym. We must think in another way, right? There are things you can do to reduce your weight without going to the …

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Exercise does not work for fat loss

I am a personal trainer and my job is to find people. So you may be surprised that I make such a bold statement! Does not that mean that all my existence is useless? Well, as I do my job, I need to notice it, I have to make sure …

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Five popular diet myths

The field of nutrition, and more particularly diets, is full of myths and half-truths. Every "expert" has an opinion and finds desperate adepts to believe that these opinions are true. If it sounds good. Steam, its way into popular culture. Once it is cut off, it is very difficult to …

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Can losing weight be fun?

Let's face it, losing weight. Or put someone else who would like to have to cut his favorite dishes? Likewise, forcing yourself to go regularly to gymnastics may not bring much positive emotions. So, what can we do to make the whole process of weight loss more enjoyable? First, you …

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Family Fitness

Some of you have long been thinking about persuading your family to exercise together. First of all, you have to sit down and talk about different things. Give everyone a ride coming up with a week of activities. Many studies have shown that if you exercise for 30 consecutive days, …

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Easy Weight Loss – 6 Weight Loss Tips

We all know that to lose weight, you need to reduce your intake, Increase your exercise, eat low calorie foods and change your life style a bit. If your job is easy (office work), you should do Walking exercises on the lake are in progress. 1.To succeed in losing weight, …

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