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Benefits of losing weight


Weight loss has obvious benefits and for the most part, stay well and in your comfortable weight scale. Sometimes it happens that many are trying to lose weight at the same time, usually leading to the summer.

In fact, there are a number of reasons why a person may want to lose weight, and most of these reasons are justified. Weight loss does not have great benefits, assuming the reasons.

However, in some cases, peer pressure, usually in women, can cause a person to fall into the traps of eating disorders and suddenly drop body weight to unconventional levels. requiring intervention and professional help.

Body Mass Index

What defines an overweight person? Currently, the medical rule is to apply the actual weight of a person on their height. The BMI chart is used to represent the risk of being overweight. The BMI is the measurement tool that represents the weight of a person in relation to his size. Once your BMI is established and secured on the chart, you can easily determine your risk levels; underweight, normal, overweight and obese.

Risk Factors

The most obvious of the weight loss is to optimize the overall health of your body and the immunity against diseases and viruses. Once you can determine your body mass index, it will quickly isolate your risk factor. People who are at high risk of developing a number of diseases and conditions, such as diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, heart disease and intestinal diseases.

These symptoms may be preceded and treated more easily if you are in optimal physical and mental condition. Maintaining a healthy body is what you need to do to optimize your body. In the end, with the good advice of your doctor, you can make good choices for your body.


Your body is like a car. If you fill a gas tank with a cheap gas with low octane number, then a big luggage on the roof and inside the car. First, the wheels will be a little flattened due to being overweight, the car will fight on the road.

We have already seen and if this scenario continues, the result of the breakdown of the car stops and it stops faster than the duration of the warranty. Now imagine that you were eating junk food, not exercising, sleeping a minimum, being overworked and taking care of the three little children, seeing them through the door on the way to the street. work or go home from a 10 hour day. These realities in life require you to pay attention to their bodies and to increase your body.

This applies to everyone regardless of marital status, age, culture, race, ethnicity, and so on. These are global issues and concerns that share a common goal: to lose weight, be healthy and enjoy life!

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