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Dieting – What to Watch

There may be dangers in one diet and one. One must be very careful about extreme caloric restriction, the medicine that is also taken from unusual eating habits.
Limiting the consumption of food to single meals can be dangerous. These signs could indicate anorexia or bulimia. These disorders and common eating disorders can be fatal.

Some medications may be prescribed to help. You have to be careful because some are dangerous. Some supplements, including vitamins and minerals may not be effective in your plans. Before following a serious diet, a doctor must be consulted.

Diuretics are another method but for the most part should be avoided. They can thicken your blood and cause serious internal damage. Including cramps, kidney and liver damage.

One must also stay away from any kind of stimulant. Which are all illegal in the United States.

Fasting can also be a danger to anyone thinking of dieting. It can be very dangerous for the body due to malnutrition.

Dieting can cause the following symptoms if it is not done properly. Prolonged hunger, Depression, Lack of libido, Fatigue, Irritability, Fainting, Sinus problems, Muscular atrophy, Rashes, Acidosis, Eyes injected with blood, Gallbladder disease, Seizures, Malnutrition leading to death.

Take precautions immediately and consult a doctor before dieting. It is imperative that you take the greatest care of yourself. The damage can not be reversed and deadly if you plan diets without proper care. If you have signs.

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