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How to overcome a lack of motivation

It happens to all of us at some point – you want to make a change in your life, but you can not motivate yourself to do it. You really want to achieve success, lose weight, or eat differently, but just do not have the push. Whenever you are thinking of starting your desire to change, something more important comes up, such as washing your dog or shopping your mother.

The good news is that every person, including you, has the incredible potential to turn or desire in reality. You can realize your dreams! However, to do this, you must know how. It is easy to reach a high level of motivation. To increase your motivation, follow the simple steps outlined below:

1. Motivation and Goal Setting

When it comes to living a healthy and confident life Real goal achievement involves much more than good intentions. For example, it is not enough to know that you want to eat differently or want to lose weight. Motivation can be defined as an impulse to channel energy. It means, 1) that you must know what you want and be passionate, and, 2) you must know how to set a goal. Goal setting is a powerful skill to learn because you give yourself a specific direction and give your energy a precise focus.

2. Managing Agreements

In business management circles, it is not said that you can only manage agreements. Indeed, great leaders are compassionate and try to understand the feelings of their employees, but they do not try to manage the emotions and personalities of others. Instead, the great leaders get great results from their people. This is also true for self-motivation. Learn how to make mature and respectful decisions about where you are heading. Make specific agreements about your responsibility. Then ask yourself, "Can I count on myself to fulfill this commitment, with a 100% compliance rate, can I count on me for that? If the answer is "Yes" then you have an agreement. Now that you are advancing and experiencing inner stability or emotional obstacles, you can manage your chords without being trapped in sticky emotions. Agreements maintain motivation and action.

3. Imagine Success

Instead of worrying and constantly stressing yourself, take time each day to consider a new life. Imagine clearly, and with all your inner senses, what it will be like to live your goal. Enjoy the physical sensations of anticipating your exciting dream. For example, the idea of ​​losing weight is not very exciting; However, visualizing a new life of your choice is exciting. Imagine yourself in your ideal life. Touch your body with love, breathe in love for yourself and feel the security and comfort of living inside your body. Imagine your body as healthy and active. Whatever your goal, every day, make the choice to put your dream forward and center. Above all, feel the excitement of your dream. Allow this excitement to saturate your body to such an extent that you feel more alive and ready to take the next step of your journey.

4. Proceed to Daily Action

Your goals need to go from the idea of ​​state to physical state and the only way. Daily action is needed to make your dream come true. Your daily actions do not have to be big; they just have to be consistent. Follow your heart and choose the steps you have in the right. Then follow through.

5. The motivation for the growth of your dreams becomes reality. Repeated success leads to increased motivation!

Helen Keller wrote, "Nothing can be done without hope and trust." Each day, take a few minutes to list all your accomplishments for the day.Develop a tracking system for all efforts and success No matter the size, every step of your goal deserves recognition or a reward system – a checkmark on your calendar, congratulations from your loved ones, a hug from your partner, or money in your success. Celebrate often by taking the habit of recognizing what you have done well Feeling satisfaction Every time your confidence increases, you realize your unlimited potential and you gain more energy to move to the next level. next step Repeated success in a particular activity motivates you to want to do this activity often.

6. Practicing kindness

Replacing self-criticism by encouragement and motivational inspiration. You can easily get everyone in your life with uplifting praise and feelings. Why not do the same for you? Imagine seeing a desperate child because she can not understand the puzzle she is working on. You will not go further and express verbally the frustration of her, is not it? Instead, you will probably talk to her with compassion, you will pass an arm around her, you will see what bothers her and you will inhale words that will keep her optimistic. Instead of punishing yourself, start cultivating compassion for yourself. You must feel dignified and worthy of supporting the desired motivation.

7. Believe in yourself

Being motivated is knowing what you want and believing in your ability to achieve it.

Belief is a feeling of certainty. It's as if the sun was rising tomorrow morning. You do not wonder if the sun will rise, spend time worrying, what it could not, or imagine the worst case. Believing in yourself requires that you focus energy and excitement on what you want. You are a form of loving partnership with your dream. You suppose that your desire will manifest, as surely as the sun will rise again tomorrow. Believing in yourself requires spending time with what's important to you and what's good for you.

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