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PNL Technique – Time Distortion for Dieting

When I heard about this new approach to diet without having to starve yourself, I thought it was a good idea to share. It seems that many people who are operating or who are obese are usually unable to control the time they spend eating. They eat too much, too fast and too often. So, you have to ask yourself the question: is not it a problem with time?

Time is a perceptual filter. You will probably notice this when you are in the line. There are still 3 minutes before you get to the front, but that sounds like hours to you. Likewise, when you are chatting with a group of friends, it seems like time flies by. Without realizing it, 3 hours disappear in a flash.

In the case of diet, it is not difficult to understand why the body reacts in a particular way. We know that the more hungry we are, the more we want to jump on any food. However, the more we eat slowly, the more likely it is that the body will recognize that it is getting food and the less it needs to get drunk. In such a case, you do not really need to eat so fast. Hunger pangs disappear after about 20 minutes of the start of food ingestion.

To distort time, think about the last time something happened very slowly. NLP sub-modality checklist. Once you're done, use this list of sub-modalities when thinking of eating. Now, apply the sub-modality to your experience of eating food when you're hungry, and you'll notice how boring or boring you can get. To make it more permanent, step up the sub-terms and make sure you have the picture.

Test the strategy and find out how you react to the use of temporal distortion!

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